The fabric’s great air permeability provide a higher performance for the sports.


The webbings are not just used for loose-fitting sweatpants,also for functional.


The hollow structure with decorative webbing rebuilds the side seam of .


High fit is greatest asset for mesh inserted leggings,Breathable leggings.


Reflective technology has long been a safety concern for night who want to .


Custom leggings have become a fashion in every part of the world and easy to wear.

Women Leggings In Huallen

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HUALLEN is a legging manufacture that accept all kinds of style and design of legging production
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Custom Your Own Design
To create your own leggings design should take the fabric, color, pattern, printing method and cutting into account.
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About Huallen Women Leggings

Huallen is a professional women leggings manufacturer and activewear manufacturer with many years of production design experience, we grasped the market demand and developed a number of women leggings that with a second skin touch.

Huallen leggings are ergonomically tailored and perfect fit your body, combining structural tailoring with pattern stitching to create a silhouette that is unified with the body and gives it strength.


Women Leggings

Women Leggings – New Age Technology and Ttrends


Female consumers are more and more eager to personalized performance and fit for sports products, especially the functional requirements of leggings. Great practicability is a new bright spot of this item, super-elastic fabric leggings can be used for different stages, different occasions, different periods of multi-purpose use. Meanwhile, in response to a more precise and personalized design, details such as side seam hollowing and ribbon decoration are used to reshape this common item – leggings.

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