ribbed leggings

As an enduring classic leggings design,ribbed leggings are a hit every autumn and winter season. Ribbed leggings are able to excel in the autumn and winter markets because of its outstanding raw material design – Rib Fabric. Ribbed fabric is a knitted fabric in which a yarn is arranged in turn to form a loop on the front and back direction. Rib knitted fabric has the properties of RAVELLING PROPETY, SELVEDGE CURLING and EXTENSIBILIT, as well as great elasticity. The conventional rib fabric is mainly used for the collar and cuff of T-shirt. It has a good effect on the body repair, great elastance and not easy to deform.

Based on the advantages of rib fabric, HL Sportswearmfg ribbed leggings has excellent extension performance, which ensures that ribbed leggings can be stretched with muscle movement, perfectly fit the skin and play breathable and warm function.

Its strengths lie in:
1. More flexibility than spandex cotton fabric, the freedom to do exercise naturally.
2. Natural fashion style without any embellishment, ribbed leggings have its own fashion design halo and make leggings look simple and fashionable.
3. Excellent lower figure reconstruction, feels like a second skin with a smooth and cool feeling against your legs.
4. Rib fabric is not easy to fold deformation, strong ability to restore, high-end sports clothing quality.


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