design your own leggings.We use top-rated fabric to help you to custom made leggings.To make your cut and sew leggings.
Design your own leggings
At HL we love to make your sportswear. Your style is our passion, so let us bring it to life with our custom leggings. A beautifully made pair of custom leggings for women can make any outfit extraordinary, especially leggings which you design.
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Flexible size choice
From XXS to 6XL sizes, including plus size leggings
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In HL, we enjoy making your own sportswear. Your style is our passion, let’s bring it to sports life with our custom leggings. A pair of beautifully custom made leggings can make all clothing different from others , especially the leggings you designed .Each pair of custom printed legging is high-tech printed and made without middlemen ,directly serving for you by the factory. You can choose from three elastic belts: high waist, middle waist and low waist.
These elastic leggings fit body perfectly. Choose 3 different comfortable lycra fabrics, all with amazing elasticity to suit all types of bodies.

  • From XXS to 6XL sizes, including plus size leggings.
  • Available in three length options: long, shorts and capri.
  • Choose from Tight elastic warp knitted fabric or Tight elastic naked fabric and Milk brushed fabric.
  • Print a message or label for your brand inside waistband.
  • Strong textile, vibrant deep print, high quality finish.

These customizable fitness leggings pants adopt the comfortable high-performance fabric with more stronger and tighter wrap ,highting the figure. Silhouette design gives attention to both fashion and sports style, hip uses the processing
method of beautifying the hip line, letting you have sweet peach hip instantly.The side leg is according to muscle line, distinctive thin line, especially the back thin line extending to waist mouth, on the vision, show thin and long leg .
You can design your own custom Leggings. We offer both fitness and leisure leggings with over 10,000 print patterns for you to choose from and print your brand information or label as needed.Whether it is fabric selection, print patterns,
or even a variety of silhouette design leggings, HL can meet your needs, we provide xxs-6xl a wide range of sizes to meet the purchase needs of the plus-size sportswear. In HL, you can enjoy one-stop service from raw materials to finished products customized,happy,safe and comfortable all in HL sportswear.


  • What is the optimal print resolution ratio?

We print in 300dpi, which is a perfect combination of quality and file weight. Ideally, the image should be reduced to 100% at 300dpi; This means that the file size is not adjusted to prevent differences.
Our designers will evaluate the image quality of the design you send us by email,We will provide you with satisfactory printing finished products by technical repair when the image quality is not satisfied .

  • The color pattern of a printed image.

For image/design sizes, you need to see the label of image and text tools . You can view and edit the size of the image under the quality information next to the reduced-size image. Rgb-cmyk,which color model should I choose when print guide icon? RGB or CMYK? We recommend providing images in the RGB color space.Use sRGB image profiles exclusively for best color effects. What does that mean? In the editing software, select RGB as the workspace and specify the image profile as sRGB (full name: sRGB iec61966-2.1).

  • What is GSM?

Grams per square meter (GSM) is a unit of measure used to measure the weight of paper or fabric. The measurement USES the weight of one square metre (1000 x 1000mm) to indicate the weight and thickness of the fabric.
We classify the 10-100gsm fabric as lightweight (summer fabric, filament),The 101-249 GSM fabric was classified as medium (most fabrics used in clothing), and the 250gsmm fabric as thicker (Indoor decorations and other special fabrics).

  • What is the bleeding area?

When creating a product, it is important to ensure that the image is slightly wider than the required size. In printing, bleeding areas allow you to get borderless printing. We recommend that you fill in the border area made of the
red grid area to ensure that you don’t end up with a white edge. You should make sure that you do not place important details in the bleeding area as they are likely to be lost.

  • Color changes, why do they happen?

When you digitally print on natural fabrics, they often fade along creases after washing or a lot of use; This is especially true when using dark or rich colors. This can be minimized by using a cool hand wash instead of a machine wash, as the machine roll is the main cause of this condition. To avoid it completely, we suggest you use polyester fabric.

  • Why is my color lighter on organic fabrics?

Our organic fabrics do not have any coatings that non-organic fabrics have. This means that the ink is absorbed into the fibers, which reduces the intensity of the color slightly (about -20%). For super colors,
we recommend non-organic natural fabrics.

  • Can you combine with two separate printed designs perfectly?

We always strive to provide the highest accuracy in printing and manufacturing. However, due to the inevitable stretching or movement of the fabric during sewing, we cannot guarantee the perfect alignment of the pattern at the seams of the clothing. Normally, we have an accuracy of 2-3 mm, which is sufficient for most print patterns, but may cause minor problems with the pattern or geometric design.

  • What file formats of patterns are acceptable?

For multicolor or very detailed files, we recommend using the tiff format, but you must flatten it. For simple color and low detail files, jpeg. Of course, PDF/AI/EPS/CDR and other file format patterns are also very popular file format by designers.

  • Can I print my own label?

Most of our clothes come with label space. You can print labels and add information about the brand. If you want to sew your own label, we offer customizable labels in different sizes.

  • Can I print on both sides of the fabric?

We do not offer printing on both sides of the fabric because many of our fabrics are translucent. As a customer, you can consider the effect of double-sided printing on one of our fabrics and contact us. If possible, we will contact you as soon as possible.

  • Can I customize the label design of other fabric materials?

Our labels are printed on the same satin fabric, which is the best choice by far, and the labels are cut in the same way. If you need labels for other fabric materials, please let us know,we will recommend different label materials for you to make labels, but we will not cut other fabrics into label formats.

  • How environmentally friendly is your fabric printing?

In consideration of environmental protection, our fabrics are printed with Completely water-based ink. This means no chemicals or solvents. Our thermosetting process allows color fixation and printing to avoid bad effects of cooking,
such as excessive or polluted water returning to the waste system. We have a factory in China that handles all printing, production and distribution.

  • Why is there a slight color difference between my orders?

We have been working on improving the color configuration. Although it is rare, it can happen from one print to another, and there may be slight color differences, but this is normal and a part of our ongoing process of improvement.
The difference is highly unlikely to appear(for example, orange instead of red).Keep in mind that this color variation varies from fabric to fabric because of the grain and texture change of the fabric. Natural fabrics have more soft colors
than their more fibrous alternatives. This is due to the structure of the material and the printing methods, which have to be slightly changed to use more refined natural textiles.

  • Are package barcodes provided?

Because of our internal production process in HL, the barcode on the package is a necessary for customers with rising orders. We will use sticker on the packaging bag to facilitate your operation storage,this will not affect your design, it is usually found at the bottom of the packaging bag.

Private-label-leggings payment shipping method
Private-label-leggings payment shipping method

Freight and delivery:

  • Production time: We will manufacture your goods in the factory, which will take 7-12 working days on average. In rare cases, when we need to reprint the project, it may take an extra day or two, in all cases there is a dedicated customer service to
    provide you with updated information.
  • The mode of transportation: After your item is finished, we will ship your order in the way you choose. Generally, samples are delivered by express delivery, door to door, and DHL/UPS/TNT/FEDEX shall be responsible for the delivery.
    Bulk orders are usually delivered by airport or sea.International orders or bulk/bulk packages are shipped by DHL or Fedex service. It takes an average of 2-5 working days. Air and sea delivery takes 7-20 working days.
  • Use our manufacturing and global shipping experience:

    At HL, each product is manufactured by an experienced sportswear factory to ensure the highest quality. We offer specialized production services as well as a range of quick delivery options.
    Over the past 14 years, we have printed and produced countless personalized products for our customers around the world,many of them have become loyal customers who not only love our products but also our staff.


Tight warp knitted fabric -260 Grams

Our 260g tight and elastic warp knitted fabric, with good elasticity and high tightness, providing good support and rich styles, making it an ideal choice for customized sportswear. These custom leggings for women will fit and stay flat with enough elasticity and support to meet your specific needs.Our custom printed leggings fabric have a strong white basic color and are ideal for printing. The colors look bold and the details look accurately.


Tight elastic naked fabric -270 Grams

The tight elastic naked fabric is just like the second skin, very suitable for leggings. It also has all the elasticity you need to make them completely comfortable and fit, while having the touch of a second skin-like fabric  close to your skin, allowing you to complete your sport journey carefree and  comfortably.Donot worry about that your printed leggings will not fall off after washing or wearing, as our dye will blend perfectly with the fabric surface, leaving a lasting print. The color looks vibrant on a bright base color.


Milk silk brushed fabric -190 Grams

92% polyester, 8% spandex of brushed fabrics, is the most popular leisure style legging, the fabric style of having market share. Brushed fabric belongs to a kind of functional products, keeping the original fabric while making the fabric form a
feeling of short wool layer, giving the fabric new style while not only decreases the ground thermal conductivity of wool fabric, but also adds the performance of warmth and softness.With soft touch, comfortable, rich quality sense,soft touch. 

the use of natural language to create eye-catching yoga patterns and unconventional unique design has become the trend of sports fashion

Design your own leggings for women and men

Matched with custom leggings from HL Sportswear to wear your own style. Perfect for updating your wardrobe or creating your own designed leggings collection. Put your own designs on the fabric with digital prints and the ink seeps deep into the seams, showing the perfect pattern for your leggings just like the patterns.We use modern digital printing methods to print all custom men’s and women’s leggings, which permeates the fabric fiber of your choice with eco-friendly ink. This means that all custom leggings are part of the material itself, not the top layer or transfer layer. This ensures the durability of custom leggings prints.

Your Label,Your Brand

If you want to establish a sportswear brand, then our printed labels are very suitable for you. Add custom print labels to your leggings' waistbands and pants, and add brand names, logos or images. We print labels in full color directly on the fabric at no extra cost. HL's printing Labels give your leggings a professional quality.

Get In Touch Now! Starting To Design Your Own Leggings

    Design Your Own Leggings with Our Artist

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    The Promise of HL Sportswearmfg

    • We are a talented team of over 100 manufacturers, customer service staff, marketing designers and developers. This means that all products produced by HL are internal. Our production experience dates back to 2003,and we are responsible for the production and supervision of customized products.
    • Personal service:Internal customer service provides personalized and thoughtful service.
    • All of our products are manufactured in factories to provide customers with better prices and more direct services.
    • Quick turnover:Orders are usually placed within one or two days.
    • Custom made:Every order is made by the order, not mass production.
    • High quality:We use high quality materials to create custom products.

    Turn Your Design Talents Into Business

    Whether you want to expand your product range or build a brand from the start, we all can help you. We support creative brands and independent designers with our rich experience in demand customization.
    We can help you turn your ideas into high quality physical products and sell them on your own ideals.

    Reviews for Custom Leggings

    Carmen Artica
    Carmen Artica
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    The process was easy.The product was perfect.Love my own design leggings that icreated from my pattern.
    Meghan Scowen
    Meghan Scowen
    Read More
    The leggings were well constructed and the print quality was excellent.The colours and fine details read very well.
    Damian Gasto
    Damian Gasto
    Read More
    The leggings arrived this morning and I’m really happy with them! Great quality & the logos look great!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which lycra fabric option is best suitable for creating a sports leggings collection?

    You can choose between a tight elastich warp knitted fabric or a tight elastic naked fabric to make custom leggings. If you are going to create a series of design leggings purely for sport, then we recommend using a tight elastic naked fabric.This personalized leggings fabric allows you to work out better during exercise.They are less transparent and provide good support, and you will perform better in sports.

    Are leggings suitable for men and women?

    Our leggings patterns have been designed internally and have different version designs for both men and women. All three fabrics are stretchy and elastic enough to fit and flatten most body shapes and sizes.
    Please contact us via email or chat and start designing your own custom printed men’s and women’s leggings immediately.

    Will you make large leggings?

    The answer is yes, because we customise leggings in all sizes for customers. In HL, we believe that creativity and design should not be limited by size. That’s why we have such a wide range of sizes for you to design your own leggings.
    Plus-size custom leggings are something we’re passionate about because they give leggings of all shapes and sizes their own style.