Seamless leggings


Seamless legging is in special equipment for production of a novel modeling, is being used to produce high elastic knitted outerwear, underwear and sportswear with high elasticity, so that neck, waist and hip joints and other parts without seem. It allows comfort, considerate, fashion and diversification in one, not only make consumers fondle admiringly, but also deeply touched many famous international brand designers, become the source of inspiration.

Stereoscopic shaping underwear has always been an important part of the apparel industry, for its less cutting, less juncture, personal quality, and always comfortable is well-received by women friends of all ages. The price of seamless underwear is also listed in the high-priced product catalog.

Not stitching on both sides of the waist and the entire neck ring, also the panties. Comfort to wear, not deformed.

High quality sports fabric provides exquisite workmanship and special texture, not only silky and comfortable, shaping seamless, one-in-all weaving, sexy and show thin, soft skin-friendly and close to the waist will not fall down, which not only meets all of your needs in sports but also the best choice of street fashion dress.


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