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8 Reasons to Choose HUALLEN Sportswearmfg

2,000,000 ready-made designs in stock, numerous times quality inspection before delivery

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HL sportswear manufacturer

over 3,000 sportswear brands well-trusted

HL sportswear manufacturer is committed to creating the fashion sports brands, on the basis of functional fitness sportswear adding fashion elements, so that sports is no longer a tedious sport, but has a fashion-style sports experience. Our manufacturing team extracts the most fashionable elements to make sportswear which are suitable for modern women, men and children. This is the company’s pursuit of fashion and technology of HL sportswearmfg.

OW/HL Activewear Manufacturer Mission

OW/HL sportswearmfg,owned a completed production line. Whether you are an experienced sportswear brand supplier or emerging brand is taking off, we playing our 16-year professional production experience to provide you with perfectly solution which meet the market.


Design your own leggings

HUALLEN make excellent leggings wholesale

The process of leggings production process is, design sketch → customer check and correct the design → confirm the design sketch → print design sketch onto paper → print paper onto fabrics via heat transfer printing → cut and sewn process → finished leggings → send it out to your address. The estimate lead time is 25 days.

Baby blue sports bra

Baby blue sports bra

Baby blue sports bra meet the exquisite requirements of modern women when exercising, enhance the sense of wrapping and comfort through simple and modern streamlined

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Back hook sports bra

Back hook sports bra

Back hook sports bra with the hooks on the front chest can be unfastened after exercise to allow the lungs to expand, effectively relieving fatigue

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Floral sports bra

Floral sports bra

Floral sports bra is favored by young people. The simple underwear has a three-dimensional and smooth profile, with a floral pattern, exuding a retro and

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Light blue sports bra

Light blue sports bra

Light blue sports bra design not only fully shows the femininity, but also brings more possibilities for matching, and you don’t have to worry about

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Bras for large women

Bras for large women

Bras for large women with a balance between stable support and good comfort is a key design element. The widened shoulder straps can withstand different

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Halter top sports bra

Halter top sports bra

Halter top sports bra can give support to underwear that has no elastic space, and optimize the bust shape. The triangular structure divides the back

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Off white sports

Off white sports bra

With the development of the underwear industry, Off white sports bra has gradually emerged. The Off white sports bra can fit the body more perfectly.

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Black racerback sports bra

Black racerback sports bra

The design of black racerback sports bra is becoming more refined and minimalist, introducing the ready-to-wear elements of POLO collars into underwear design to update

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Our Factory & Workshop

HUALLEN make excellent Outdoor fabrics & Sportswear

HUALLEN devoted ourself to the patterns design for new clothes and  provide all the necessary qualities that athletes needed. In addition, our goal is to allow professional athletes to compete with entertainers, noncompete athletes, whether a family team, want their own fine prints or a professional basketball team in major leagues.