scrunch leggings

Scrunch leggings, is a fashion casual wear, street wear and most eye-catching leggings design in gym. The unique design of scrunch leggings, that is exactly the reason why it sells like crazy. Scrunch leggings used workout pant version of heart-shaped on butt, sewing the elastic band on the pant inside, to form the sense of scrunch on both sides. Beautiful and stylish, maximize lift butt, and shape a full and round visual effect of butt!

The elastic band sewn on the pant inside, fashion sense of scrunch and gather butt muscles and perk them up using their supportive stretch spandex fabric, because the stretch spandex fabric from both sides to the groove extension of the hip and thigh muscles will be more intensified to wrap up, forming thin thighs and butt lift.

It is precisely because scrunch leggings can tighten wrapped muscles, so its fitness effect is very significant when wearing scrunch leggings. Every skin is wrapped up in fitting scrunch leggings when you are in the exercise, which offers you extremely comfortable pleasure. Scrunch Leggings can move with your body, almost every inch of skin can participate in fitness sport, so you have the freedom to move naturally that the effect of the exercise multiplied!

Scrunch leggings can be widely used in varieties of sport scenario and casual wear occasion, here are buyers show.


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