Camouflage seamless sport suits

seamless sport suits

Camouflage Seamless Sport Suits

Camouflage jacquard seamless sport suits include black, green, purple three color camouflage jacquard sport suit. Bra and leggings are using polyamide fabric jacquard design of camouflage,It is the most popular series of seamless sport suit in teh market since 2019, which is neutral of camouflage element with persistence, masculine and unruly.

Camouflage jacquard seamless sport suits include black, green, purple three color

Camouflage seamless sport suits features

The wear-resisting performance fabric of nylon used in camouflage jacquard seamless sport suit is the first choice in all kinds of fabrics, more better performance than other fiber fabrics.Therefore, it can support high intensity of all kinds of outdoor sports, mountain running, mountain climbing due to its excellent durability.

The elastic and elastic recovery of nylon fabric is very good, so this kind of jacquard seamless sport suit only has three sizes of S/M/L, among which the size of L can be stretched to 2XL to the maximum extent, making the fabric better fit the skin and exercise more comfortable!

Min Order Quantities: 100 Pairs

Exw Price: USD 8.0 – USD 17

Shipping Method:

For small orders we will sending by Express like DHL/UPS/TNT,Etc.

For bulk order we’re advise you sending by sea or air port.

The seamless sports suit design eliminates the traditional sewing stitching and adopts the integrated stitching design. The whole suit has no sewing stitching, which is more beautiful.
Nylon camouflage jacquard style includes black, green, purple three colors ,which is the basic popular color in the market with sports and fashion.

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