Cropped waistband leggings

With the development of the times, the demands of people’s movements become richer and richer, day by day. Each designed forms of leggings are produced for the time being have perspective disrupters and traditional fitness apparel rules. Body building is a long-standing project, yet there is no intellectual support campaign fitness but will not survive for long, then people switches their attention to fashion industry, attempts to put movement and stylish together well to facilitate better meet market demands, as well as to people’s curiosity.

Traditional leggings waistband can be divided into low-waist, middle waisted and high waisted, which mainly based on the seasons and climate environment. However, rigid and traditional belt design unable to stimulate the fitness enthusiasm, then, exercise regularly becomes a distant goal to us forever. Meanwhile, the traditional belt design, by default, large-scale date sampling of human waist measurement came from some average value, given that each human waist measurement is identical, what’s interesting is that this is kind of ‘we are getting the short end of the stick’, there are still many unique sample is unable to be satisfied – a more flexible leggings belt design came into being.

Cropped waistband leggings has been brought birth under this background. Legging leg design remains the same, but the crossed belt design was to make up the deficiency traditional belt design. X- shaped waistband design wrapped up the left and right waist, to fit more securely when doing exercises and stopped them rolling down


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