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Sustainable sports leggings yoga pants made by recycle polyamide
Sustainable activewear coats made by recycle polyamide
Sustainable sportswear tops made by recycle polyester fabric
Sustainable sportswear shorts made by recycle fabrics

Launch your sustainable activewear brand with HL sportswear manufacturer

We aim to become the world’s leading sustainable activewear manufacturer offering style, design, and quality with every article. We feel pride when we look back and behold how we’ve garnered and retained our customers’trust over the years with our impeccable services.

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How Sustainable Activewear Manufacturer Works.

Recycled plastic bottles are used as raw materials,which are crushed,cleaned,decomposed,polymerized, granulated and melt spinning into green and environment-freiendly fibers.
Replace native polyester with recycled PET for a more environmentally friendly solution
Recycled plastic bottles
Biological polyamide yarn adopts renewable castor oil to produce light elastic yarn. The polyester yarn which is created by the recycled plastic bottles is also widely used in Sportswear.
Biological polyamide yarn adopts renewable castor oil to produce light elastic yarn
Biological Polyamide Yarn

Are you a Leading or Emerging Sportswear Brand?

If you wish to expand your activewear brand, or you’re initiating a sportswear startup, HL Sportswear Manufacturers will help you thrive. We extend our services to brands and young start-ups across the globe, with a vision to create fashionable yet functional sportswear.

Sustainable Sportswear Manufacturers Fashion to Fitness

Our activewear stock is designed separately to meet every brand’s demand. Our purpose-orientated designs can be coupled with vibrant colors or dark shades, with plain designs or stylish cuts. Countless ideas can be manifested within HL Sportswear Manufacturers.We offer ready-made fashionable leisure sportswear that is perfect for gym, swimming, yoga, or aerobics.We also create functional activewear specifically for athletes, which result in high performance. Most importantly, we carefully design articles that provide muscular support for physiotherapy exercises.

Client Testimonials

“I envisioned a sportswear brand and searched for a professional manufacturing company. My search was over when I found out about HL Manufacturers. They've played a key role in expanding my start-up.”
HL sportswear have played a key role in expanding my start-up
David Megrath
“HL Sportswear Manufacturers make it their duty to provide ideas and assistance from the point of brand's manifestation till the stock shipment. They have an excellent team.”
HL Sportswear Manufacturers have an excellent team
Marry Dkye
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Serving a small sportswear startups to big brands, we are dedicated to meet all your customization needs.