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Mesh-insert sublimation print leggings
Of all the yoga leggings, the mesh design is the most breathable. Although many functional fabrics incorporate moisture-wicking performance, the experience of evaporating sweat by covering the surface of the skin is quite different from that of evaporating sweat directly through the mesh.

The characteristics of mesh fabric is soft and plain weave fabric that made of strong twist yarn. Sparse density, thin texture, clear cloth holes, feel refreshing, flexible, breathable, comfortable to wear and good transparency. So, on the physical level, the mesh insert legging itself have a very good breathable ability, another yoga leggings designs cannot match that.

Mesh-insert sublimation print leggings is designed to combine with the strength of mesh fabric and polyester & spandex fabric, by a combination of both to enlarge their characteristics and provide consumers with a stronger and more comfortable sense of experience

Mesh-insert sublimation print leggings is a three-section design, from the top of the knee to the ankle area is a large part of mesh material being inserted, which play a very good moisture-wicking performance, mesh fabrics hazy mysterious colors can be linked to sports fitness as the same time, a subtle sex will be constantly released during yoga, running and fitness.

In the middle part of leggings is a place where you are able to custom your own designs, it is a creative release area on leggings. The top area is plain fabrics, you can choose white, black, purple, rose and other colors,
Plain color fabric on the upper area of mesh leggings, mainly considering the squat proof performance while working out.
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