Women Jacquard leggings insert gridding mesh

Women Jacquard leggings insert gridding mesh, a new jacquard style leggings which introduced by HUALLEN on August 2018. Under the market background where jacquard leggings have been around for more than half a year, HUALLEN Sportswearmfg has upgraded the original nylon jacquard leggings. The new Jacquard gridding leggings adopted the mesh inserted jacquard weave technology, which upgrades the original single jacquard style by adding jacquard mesh designs of different colors to the same stripes, such as black jacquard mesh splicing white, Black jacquard mesh stitching cyan, purple, etc. This design makes the new jacquard mesh leggings more three-dimensional and layered than before, which has a very positive function for your lower limb shaping, and makes your thighs look tighter, and the greater effect of hips lifting, mainly due to grid design buttocks become more three-dimensional and plumper.

For the highly competitive sports apparel industry, the common sportswear style has not been able to adapt to the market, HUALLEN Sportswearmfg offer the majority of sellers to richer sports apparel style choice. Fashion and novelty are the biggest selling point in the sportswear market now, only in a more fashionable and innovative way can we succeed in the field of sportswear sales!


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