Print your own leggings

Print your own leggings

Print your own leggings,from designing,producing to finished product,three steps to customize your legging by flexible fabric option.

Regarding the process outline for print your own leggings,let me show information for you reference.

Before leggings printing production,please confirm leggings design you prefer,not only printing confirmation but also the legging fabric composition, waistband height,legging length,color option,logo and text,etc.

A various of leggings design
At this stage, please provide your desirable design to the manufacturer, or refer to the customer cases. After leggings design selected, refer to different target markets choice of raw materials, the most functional, with the most advanced sports enjoy.

Leggings wholesale with a various leggings design preivew here


Print your own leggings,in sum,firstly our designers will do the secondary design based off PSD,AI,PDF,JPEG,PNG file format of legging artwork/sketch/drawing/template you provided, making it much more fit the leggings model; followed by printing process which has been designed,to print out the pattern of electronic edition onto fabric via heat transfer printing machine and digital printing machine. The whole production processes have achieved the legging design inspiration to finished legging.

Print your own leggings two-step process details are as follows

1.Necessary communication before printing: To complete the process of production at this stage by artwork/sketch/drawing/template confirmation and customer specific requirements, which includes logo distance from top to bottom or bottom to top, logo specific location on legging, waistband height, printing style on the whole legging, etc.

2.Production outline:
1) Print out the pattern via the digital printing machine
2) Print the pattern onto the fabric via heat transfer printing
3) Finished printing fabrics will be sending off to garment factory, tailoring, sewing, packaging and send out to customers.

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