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Hazy naked | light soft flexibility — trend of women’s tulle fabric


Along with the popularity of sweet romanticism, the promotion of hazy naked tulle fabric set off a boom in the fashion industry , made of silk and synthetic fiber, or with polyester and nylon, polyester and rayon, nylon and rayon interwoven, etc. In the past, it was mainly used for fine high fashion creation and bridal dresses.As one of the items to wear in summer, the clothes made of tulle fabric in spring and summer of 2021 have no weight and bearing. The characteristics of nakedness can not only increase the layering sense of the overall LOOK, but also play a good role in basking in the hot summer.


Bubble texture

The interesting surface of the bubble texture tulle fabric is full of fairy breath, using tiny bubbles to decorate the surface layer to update the folding fabric. It can use heat to finalize the design, retracting, wrinkling so that the fabric presents densely covered convex and concave uneven small bubbles, so when wearing a item is not close-fitting, but with a cool feeling. Fabric permeability is low,but can perfectly interpret any items.


Fabric application recommendation

Bubble texture fabric is widely applicable to items, mainly the dress, coat. Dress is given priority to the exceeding knee length more, contracted skirt body is tie-in fleecy bubble sleeve to present retro sweet, baby-neck coat can be able to serve as sunscreen shirt to match with the dress , highlighting the layer while being functional .


The soft mist polarization

This season, designers have reworked plain tulle fabrics through polarizable yarns, adding a touch of soft mist liquid sheen for the fabric. Fabric yarn weave flat and tight, soft and elegant, but also with a sense of support, soft with the characteristics of the strong makes fabric an excellent shaping effect.


Fabric application recommendation

The soft mist polarized tulle with its own filter has excellent permeability. Suit to make small shirt item, stacking and stitching design can put on the most natural buffing effect for the bare skin,the hazy naked and transparent feeling
still can be set to wear on the flower inside clothing, bringing hazy aesthetic feeling.


Clear flower

Draw inspiration from printing and dyeing appearance technology, keep the fabric clear and naked, fade the image of flowers, and create the weak beauty of flowers. Flower base cloth is much with the pink wax of clear simple but
elegant, flower image is hazy and fine, let printing present delicate abstract, pure ,fresh and the retro feeling .


Fabric application recommendation

This season tulle fabrics emphasize the effect of folding wear, clear flowers tulle is more applicable to small shirt, dress items. Matching with the solid color belt underwear, it clearly presents the floral pattern on the fabric,and forms a virtual and real contrast with the naked sleeves.


Spot the starry sky

The retro modern element dress with the sequin that contains metallic feeling, diamond is one of the means that contemporary youth makes individual character and life attitude. The combination of the light mesh yarn
made of polyester fiber and the simple sense of flash decoration foils the mysterious and noble temperament of women, showing the gorgeous and comfortable sense of senior ladies.


Fabric application recommendation

Such as the starry sky bright tulle fabric in the daytime little dress has a strong expression, soft tulle undercloth interpretates the graceful feeling of lotus leaf, for the layered modeling to create a cozy romantic style. The bright transparent dress can be tie-in a built-in split , appropriate skin-exposing feeling lets the integral model more show administrative levels.

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