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Trendy combination — men’s pattern design technology trend


Pattern technology has always been an indispensable part of men’s clothing design, from which the complex and varied pattern technology emerged. In the current street fashion style , whcih pursues a more advanced sense of individual pattern design, the original pattern technology will show new ideas in the way of re-combination . More three-dimensional foam printing pattern technology has become the focus of this season,while the hot pressing taped technology bring new ideas through the combination of cloth embroidery and offset printing . Influenced by the environmental washing process, the laser has brought a new chapter to the pattern design process of men’s clothing in this season.It is worth mentioning that the digital positioning printing process with the feeling of fault collision is very personalized, which is bound to become the hot choice of the young consumer market in this season.


Three-dimensional foam printing pattern technology

This season’s foam printing pattern design process reinterprets the season’s men’s design with a more three-dimensional visual sense . The more layered sense text is thus more dynamic, standing out as the key pattern thchnology of this season on the basic profile of the spring and summer in 2021. T-shirts and lightweight round-neck hoodies are key silhouette items.The combination of stereoscopic foaming printing process highlights the unruly personality of this season’s design, and the combination of other patterns adds a strong trendy street attitude.


The individual taped combination pattern technology

Taped process has always been a popular technology in men’s wear pattern design. The application of hot pressing technology will be used in functional design as the composition of the pattern to show in the style design of the spring and summer in 2021. And add new ideas through the combination of taped thchnology, cloth embroider and offset printing in this season, the leisure covering also make the whole pattern design more trendy feeling,which uses in the the series items of more street tide feeling .


Collision digital full print pattern technology

With the upgrading of personal consumption in young age, the digital positioning printing process is used to create a fault effect with great visual impact, which brings more innovative feelings to the basic men’s items in spring and summer . The collision and compatibility of different pattern feelings form a sharp contrast.Both the jump and the orderly arrangement cater to the young consumer market, while bringing new ideas for men’s full-version digital positioning prints in this season.


Interesting photocopying and printing pattern technology

Emerging print and photocopier patterns have replaced traditional photo prints as the key pattern trend for men’s wear in spring/summer 2021. Combining the emerging digital design with photo patterns, newspaper printing, etc,the watermark and digital printing process can also achieve results.Modern typography and the combination of point , coarse grain processing, distorted photos to take inspiration from the graphic design work,T-shirt item can use jump not harmonious layout, and hoodies will be the key item under this technology trend, soft focus and way of application cater to the popular pattern of low-fidelity technology trends and young trends,which has opened up a new demand of young consumer market.


Combined pattern design process recommendation

In this season, affected by environmental protection and washing, the design that fades through laser to draw fine patterns becomes the lightspot of men’s clothing pattern technology, with the union of printing embroider craft , bringing richer administrative feeling for the whole pattern design . You can also burn tiny net holes with a laser,combining the transparent feeling with multiple printing process decoration,putting the feeling of this pattern design process to the hot choice of men’s pattern design technology in this season。

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