The trend of “fitness & training wear” for women’s sportswear in the fall and winter of 21/22

Comprehensive analysis on the trend of fitness & training wear for women's sportswear in the fall and winter of 2021

Comprehensive analysis on the trend of “fitness & training wear” for women’s sportswear in the fall and winter of 21/22 Fitter survival – the trend of women’s sportswear silhouette Summarization: Adjustable sports bra Functional knitted underwear Hollowed vest top Double-layer vest Sport underwear Silhouette : separate clothing can be used to cover-matching, bra and vest … Read more

Soul Running–Thematic trend of men and women sports running clothes


One after another, the marathon may be cancelled or postponed, and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which would have been lively in July, was postponed to 2021.Running enthusiasts’ sports enthusiasm is predictably gaining momentum,Moreover, the choice of the venue for running is very simple, both indoors and outdoors, and sports consumers increasingly expect to buy highly … Read more

Back to Origins–Analysis of Munich Performance Days Sportswear Fabric Exhibition


Affected by the new crown epidemic, Performance Days, a major event in the sportswear industry, was held online. The 2022 spring and summer focuses on natural functions and environmentally friendly craftsmanship, and advocates the integration of nature into the field of sportswear.The brand will fully develop the beauty and function in nature in the spring … Read more

Key items — men’s sports items trends


21/22 autumn/winter men’s sports item advocate minimalism and the supremacy of functional details, the ultimate simplicity, the pursuit is to make the product to reach the depth and quality of the complexity of excavating,reflecting the “less is more” quality experience. This season’s products are mainly affected by the rapid deterioration of the climate,While saving social … Read more

“Average size” fashion — the trend of women’s underwear key item


Through light, comfortable, breathable quality to improve the grade of underwear, daily underwear references the design of fitness clothing and dance clothing. Elastic “average size” style is the key. Natural chest shape is made of Bralette structure, elastic fabric and elastic foam pad. Soft, breathable knitting with carefully designed seamless edges creates an elastic invisible … Read more

Trendy combination — men’s pattern design technology trend


Pattern technology has always been an indispensable part of men’s clothing design, from which the complex and varied pattern technology emerged. In the current street fashion style , whcih pursues a more advanced sense of individual pattern design, the original pattern technology will show new ideas in the way of re-combination . More three-dimensional foam … Read more