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Soul Running–Thematic trend of men and women sports running clothes


One after another, the marathon may be cancelled or postponed, and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which would have been lively in July, was postponed to 2021.Running enthusiasts’ sports enthusiasm is predictably gaining momentum,Moreover, the choice of the venue for running is very simple, both indoors and outdoors, and sports consumers increasingly expect to buy highly adaptable and high-performance durable styles, thereby reducing the number of purchases.
This trend is crucial for the selection of silhouettes and fabrics.The multi-functional attributes of the items are becoming stronger than before. Be sure to add temperature adjustment performance, use a small amount of contrasting colors cautiously, and use all-color blocks to create a high-end texture and strong adaptable aesthetic style. Try to reflect it through contrasting stitching and border stitching.The core style also includes the bottom item of the men’s running clothes modular wear, suitable for layering, convenient for sports and functional at the same time,which can be stacked with avant-garde items.


Temperature control short-sleeved T-shirt

Increasing the temperature adjustment function of a item is one of the future trends of sports items. The future development trend of sports T-shirts will be more ergonomic, with fabric properties such as moisture removal, keeping skin dry and cool, breathable and quick-drying,In terms of tailoring and deconstruction, it is more adaptable to the needs of the event. The design of stitching lines and seam at the structural line increase he sense of future and technology feeling of the items. Applications: fitness, training, stretching.


Fingerless reflective knitted long-sleeved T-shirt

The use of contrast stitches for the detail design of the clothing, especially the half-zipper middle design is recommended to bring flexibility and convenience for the clothing, which can play a role in regulating body temperature and breathability. The reflective label or reflective coating can be combined with the zipper Patch or garment seams to create dynamic reflective details. At the same time, the close-skin item helps the athletes to discharge the sweat and moisture generated during sports.It plays the role of balancing the temperature of the human body, and at the same time, it has a good layering function of clothing. Applications: training, running, stretching, strength training.


Packable soft surface shell

Lightweight fabric and mesh lining provide all-day comfort and breathability. Lightweight fabric is more suitable for designing a windbreaker that can be packed. The bag can be combined with a back or front pocket with a snap and zipper for easy storage.It is recommended that matte texture nylon fabric or wilderness rebirth-the tear-resistant modular texture recycled nylon fabric mentioned in the men’s and women’s sports fabric trend report can improve the quality of clothing and extend the wear cycle of the clothing at the same time.


Mesh jacket

The mesh structure is enduring in the sportswear category and will be presented in an eye-catching future retro style in 2021. The mesh single-layer and multi-layer structure designs are rich in items layers, and can mix and match a variety of styles and fabrics to present a retro look through stitching.The material uses comfortable, sweat, breathable and renewable fibers.


Two in one” quick-drying elastic shorts

The multifunctional quick-drying sports shorts are important items of summer shorts. A flat waistband design with a sense of refinement can be used as an update point,so that the style can be easily switched between sports and daily wear. It has the function of fast drying and providing frictionless comfort,which is very suitable for normal exercise and launching activities. It is recommended that the outer layer can be made of tear-resistant nylon fabric, and the inner layer should be made of elastic recycled polyester fabric that can be extended on all sides to maintain the delicate design;The mobile phone or small valuables can be stored in the back zippered inner pocket with cable opening in detail design. The fabric has the function of keeping sweat and fast drying, which improves comfort.And the outer surface can also be laser perforated to ensure high ventilation.The high performance of the 2-in-1 training shorts, multi-pocket, and compact internal design are suitable for long distance sprinting.


Temperature control leggings

With the development of the trend, sportswear consumers have more and more demands for outdoor running, hoping to find sports styles suitable for outdoor in sportswear.This type of leggings is very suitable for matching with running shorts and training shorts, which can perfectly support and improve sports performance.Optimize body shape and body potential. The functional innovation of adding muscle and bone support is the main point of updating, and it has both outstanding beauty.Use body partitioning techniques to help understand the critical parts to be supported and the required material density.


Tapered jogging pants

Soft cloth sweatpants shifted from the popular commercial fashion field to the sports field, showing a retro trend, with light texture and versatile functions, which becomes a trend style. The design focus on the loose version, which makes the large-area soft cloth fabric appears fluid feeling.It adopts inversion sewing and stitches a piece decoration with a slightly sense of volume, which plays a role of wear resistance. Renewable fibers can be used to create interesting irregular designs on all soft cloth fabrics as an update point. The elastic ankle design makes the style both sporty and everyday wearable.

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