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Retro video game-Women’s sportswear group collocation


In the 1990s, the video game style was inspired by the strong retro purple, electronic rose red and light yellow for this season’s sportswear, making it full of streetwear charm. Accurate cutting details of modern sportswear with the use of bold colors and patterns,Create a story of the integration of ready-to-wear and sports.


High street retro

The item of cropped top is still very important, especially loved by the majority of fitness enthusiasts and integrated into the box-shaped silhouette of ready-to-wear to create high street fashion. The short silhouette shows a sexy waist, and it’s a feminine look of modern sports style.The combination of laser patterns and electro-optic colors make the cropped tops more fashionable and retro. It is recommended to pair with loose sport pants, which strongly reflects the visual sense of retro video game street tide.



To inherit the prevalence of retro style and the influence of street fashion culture, in addition to the deep blue and yellow-light colors, the gorgeous patterns of the sense of the age more have a sense of street dance in the 1990s. The inspiration comes from the threaded shoulder straps of underwear Integrated into the retro color.The elastic threaded shoulder strap has a lifting effect and improves the support force.


Skateboard fun

The comfortable version continues to be favored by consumers, and the combination of retro color blocks is the key. Color stitching details can be used on the sleeves and body parts, and bright color embellishments with symmetrical layouts can be added to reflect the theme of the retro street tide. This category will become the focus of autumn/winter in 21/22.


Cool Snow Fashion

The down jacket has a new upgrade to the bulkiness to deal with bad weather, and the thickened quilt provides protection. The light jacket can be used as a middle
layer to keep warm, and the pattern of bright color interspersing strongly echoes the street theme.
Getting rid of the bloated and rigid in the past, fashion trends ski suit will become the focus of attention in the fall/winter of 21/22.


Outdoor party

Outdoor sports with multi-attributes such as physical education, tourism, leisure, etc. are not only to strengthen the body, but also become a new fashion. Weekend mountaineering and camping are popular among young people. Patterns composed of bold colors are used in jackets and sports pants,It hits a different street style of retro video games.

Outdoor sports with multi-attributes such as physical education, tourism, leisure, etc
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