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Key items — men’s sports items trends


21/22 autumn/winter men’s sports item advocate minimalism and the supremacy of functional details, the ultimate simplicity, the pursuit is to make the product to reach the depth and quality of the complexity of excavating,
reflecting the “less is more” quality experience. This season’s products are mainly affected by the rapid deterioration of the climate,While saving social resources, consumers are encouraged to continue to support the consumption concept of sustainable development. Item is mainly to explore the outdoor style in the environment of the improved design, cross-season wear is the focus. At the same time, the fabric performance needs to be improved, which can not only adapt to the highly adaptable tailoring, but also improve the recyclable value of the item after use.Additional, the layer matching of the item is also the design gist of autumn winter outdoors.


Protective parka

Extreme changes of the environment make functional items more and more important. Protective parkas are designed to respond to climatic conditions with highly adaptable details. Woven wear resistant, temperature-controlled fabrics, extra windbreaks and built-in wrist guards are also needed to inject protective elements for it.


Urban minimalist down jacket

Discard quilting and three-dimensional pleating techniques commonly used in down jackets, and create a volume sense shape of down jackets through the details of tight seams. And hightlight the minimalism through neutral colors and brand identity techniques. It is the warm item of autumn and winter.


Two-wear jacket

The design that wears on both sides accords with consumer’s consumptive idea that pursues more less and finer. Two – wear clothing in the use of inside and outside fabrics can extend the service life of clothing.Design with different pattern style is adopted on two sides of the proposal, and completely different fabrics can let consumer have more consumptive desire of “one garment wears more” .


Nylon half-diagonal pullover

Pullovers are a great warm item for winter training and outdoor sports, with diagonal zippers and pockets designed to appeal to a younger market. It is suggested to use laser cutting mesh cloth to make a breathable surfaceand add contrast whorl at collar and cuffs. In the future, it will be more sports, leisure and commuting development trend.


Close-skin inlay undershirt

Fabric breathability and inlay design are very important in men’s sports clothing items, which can be used as a single item for fitness training, but also as a layer matching for outdoor sports.In addition, in the autumn and winter of 21/22, the undershirt becomes more and more avant garde and has a trend of daily commuting.


One piece knit shorts

Fixed inside and outside two pieces items can better ensure the comfort of wearers when exercise. In addition, the shorts need to be cut a little higher than the daily level, so that the athletes can experience just the right sense of coverage, and can ensure that the shorts keep the original in the high intensity of the exercise .


Nylon ankle banded pants

The ankle banded pants of 21/22 autumn winter is more the unity of color and fabrics, at most adding the contrast edge of a bit small area in the side seam of pants leg in order to reflect the minimalist style of dress whole. It is recommended to use recycled nylon fabric, which is more inclined to the outdoor style in autumn and winter.

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