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Seychelles daylight jungle – Trends in women’s wear patterns

Seychelles daylight jungle - trends in women's wear patterns

Seychelles Daylight Jungle Inspiration

Seychelles is located in an archipelago country on East Africa Indian Ocean, have one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The sea is as pure as Sapphire blue, the beach is as clean as pearl powder,all sorts of tall and straight palm plant grows barbarously, strong Blumarine just resembles the garden of Eden on earth.Prince William, David and Victoria Beckham all chose to spend their honeymoon here.
Selected by national geographic magazine as one of the 50 places to visit in a lifetime. Palm leaves are most directly associated with vacations, giving a refreshing, relaxing feeling.
The attractive and alternating changing colors of the sunshine coast also inspire designers.


Seychelles daylight jungle women's wear patterns runway show

Compared with the flowery and lively of previous vacation style, this year’s vacation style is intended to simple but elegant and fresh, satisfying modern people’s wish of escaping from noise but quiet.
Firstly,the patten design adopts the methods of combining virtual and real , delicate outline flowers and scenery, matching virtual watercolor texture grounding. Secondly,using simple lines to draw the plant matching the single grounding .

Blumarine the garden of Eden

Blumarine The Garden of Eden

The main tropical plants such as palm leaves , combined with the virtul background , pretty downy in all, building a sense of hazy artistic conception .The use of pink colour drawing a picture of seaside and setting sun,
more foiling the gentle and beautiful of woman at the same time .

The watercolor with changing blue is like the sea of azure blue, adding the palm leaf that is partly hidden and partly visible,which is perfectly accorded with the blumarine island .

The tropical plant such as palm leaf is very popular summer printing patter, and it is common used in the designing of sports bra and sports leggings, lively and nippacious summer element agrees with the positive spirit of fitness very much.

Aerobic jungle women's wear patterns

Aerobic Jungle Women's Wear Patterns

Single green hand-painted landscape combined with watercolor texture , fresh and elegant, making a sense of being in the aerobic jungle. The Veronique Leroy also matches with single brown architectural landscape paintings,which combines the original with the humanities to show the rich and multivariate of the vacation.


Colorful Island

With the single tropical plant leaf to make the whole printing, presenting the simple pure and fresh style of vacation, such printing is more easier to match. Under the violent sun,people on vacation wear straw hats and sunglasses
lying on beach chairs ,leisure and comfortable is the topic summer vacation.So this simple pure and fresh beach style is popular designed in beach pants, sports bra, vest.
In HL sportswearmfg‘s printing database, the printing tropical plants patterns of summer-style are greatly popular and enduring fashion elements.



Design inspiration comes from the shadow of trees that backlight and swaying, classic and never outdated black is not only nobility elegance, but also can show the strong blumarine of vacation.
It’s a blend collisionof elegance and casualness.