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The llama printed design is replacing UNICORNS to be a new favorite

The llama printed design is replacing UNICORNS to be a new favorite

UNICORNS used to be all the rage, especially after the launch of the Unicorn Frappuccino by Starbucks. And UNICORNS caused a sensation in Instagram before this.However, people always prefer new things, and now there’s a new fashion printed design that will go beyond the UNICORNS – The LLAMA! (llama printed design.)

The llama printed design is replacing UNICORNS to be a new favorite

Last month, fashion icon Chrissy Teigen said that she had become obsessed with llama since she had children. “I never thought I liked llama, giraffes and any other animals with floppy ears and slimy noses before I was a mother, ” she said. “But now I’m very fond of llama-related items, ” she said.

A new thing wants to be a hit, and you can’t get away from social media.

According to Pinterest, the trend in search and collection of llama-related items have risen, with ” llama décor ” ,”llama printed design “showing an increase of 1,094% year-on-year according to Pinterest. Pinterest users are currently searching for all llama-related household items, which includes llama sheets, llama pillows and llama lamps. These products mainly come from retailers’ brand such as West Elm, ModCloth and Anthropologie, etc.

Judging from the data and images on Pinterest and Instagram, it’s clear that llama have become retail darlings, and that UNICORNS is not the only ones to outshine others.

The Google index also continued to rise this year

Search llama in Amazon

Search llama in Amazon, and the best ranked related items are home based, such as sheets, cups, clothing: t-shirts with llama, socks, hats, etc.

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