Zip sports bra

Through the zip sports bra

Introducing the zip sports bra – not just a decorative piece, but also multi-functional with its quarter zipper. Originally designed for use in fine business casual suits and shirts, this style has now evolved into a form of expression with its metal zipper providing an icy-cool contrast against the fabric.
The zipper adds interesting details and enhances the overall rough minerality and exquisite visual collision of the garment, bringing new ways to style and feel. The plain fabric, when accented with the quarter zipper, also adds depth and complexity to the piece, making it anything but simple.
This sports bra is perfect for those who value both fashion and function. It’s versatile enough to be worn during a workout session, or as a stylish addition to any outfit. The added quarter zipper allows for maximum ventilation and ease of wear, providing the perfect balance of comfort and style.
Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a fashion aficionado, the zip sports bra is an ideal choice for anyone looking to incorporate a touch of edge into their wardrobe. So why not take a chance and try something new – elevate your fashion game with the quarter-zip sports bra!

Pull lock in front of the chest and pull the chest.
Comfortable detachable, easy to clean, comfortable and breathable.
Widening tightening, comfortable to reject the run.

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