Zip sports bra

Through the zip sports bra

Through the zip sports bra , it is not only decorative ornament, but has more application methods is the direction of this quarter zipper, and the original coarse zipper is used to use in the exquisite business casual suit and on the shirt, reread The style of style, which brings more ways to the style and feelings that become the form of expression of this quarter zipper, and the metal’s ice-cold feeling collides with the fabric, enhancing the suit jacket and the shirt. Many details, while more highlighting the rough minerality and exquisite visual collision, making the style more interesting from the style, and the color of the plain fabric will not seem to be simplicity.

Pull lock in front of the chest and pull the chest.
Comfortable detachable, easy to clean, comfortable and breathable.
Widening tightening, comfortable to reject the run.

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