Zebra print mesh leggings

Zebra print mesh leggings fitness pants high waist tight elastic running sport pants

Zebra print mesh leggings: With the development of sport stitching design, patterns, colors and textures are freely combined to break the tradition and combine the distinct shape of corner angle with the sleek shape. No rules, only decided by the eye-catching effect ,full of personality, completely unexpected consumers. When you have enough recognition, you will soon be chased.It is important to highlight the beauty of women’s lines. Adopt one-piece waist design to hide waist over fat, fitting the waist. Personalized pattern is the biggest feature of this yoga pants, bold black and white pattern staggered stitching,enough refreshing. Tight design, lifting hip and thinning leg, showing the full hip on visual effect .
Mesh stitching on the legs, fashionable and sexy, thinning leg and extending leg line.Zipper pocket design on the back waist, easy to carry key and change. 

Zebra print mesh leggings with zipper pocket design on the back waist, easy to carry key and change
Skillful and stereo cutting, bring comfortable wrap feeling for the lower part of body.Delicate and smooth stitching helps to shape beautiful body figure

Zebra print mesh leggings video


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