Women’s loose yoga pants

Women's loose yoga pants

Women’s loose yoga pants have long occupied a place in the fashion circle, and their design innovations have become more and more bold. Affected by the tendency of men’s trousers to lean towards looser silhouettes, while young consumers are paying more and more attention to practical functions, loose straight-leg overalls with personality and practicality have attracted much attention. Nostalgic and retro elements are still popular. Tooling patch pockets strengthen the style and version of the twill fabric. The folding feet that can be opened and closed by four-buttons present a more casual and interesting shape, thereby further blurring the boundary between casual and sophisticated styles.

Women's loose yoga pants have long occupied a place in the fashion circle
The elasticity can be adjusted freely to make your exercise more comfortable.
A soft curved hip line to create a sexy buttock.
Tacking fixed, large capacity, strong and durable.

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