Striped workout leggings


Striped workout leggings with comfortable and arc stripe.A hip lifted stripe outdoor sport pants can modify and lengthen the legs . The lines are simple modeling , slim and tall visually. Concise high waist and the cutting stitching of pants body
show thin and generous and have the effect of thinning waist and lifting hip. At the same time, it help you find spontaneous fashion and sports feeling.Hip USES arc stitching design, making stereo and small hip lifting effect.
Stereo close-fitting leg shape with streamline cutting, modify the leg, easy to create a slender leg. Different from the traditional one-piece design, the pants are designed by crossing to make the fashionable and sexy abdomen more outstanding
and beautiful. The pant legs are also designed with stitching to make them more stylish and eye-catching.Make you stand out from the crowd. 


Striped Workout Leggings Video Show

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