Running shorts with pockets

Running shorts with pockets

The special shape of the running shorts with pockets is very eye-catching; the irregular cut of the edge of the pocket and the increase of the volume of the pocket to create a three-dimensional effect are the more popular elements at the moment. The suit pocket is designed as a cotton-filled boxing sleeve shape, which increases the shape of the pocket. Fluffy; the combination of irregular shapes and contrasting materials shows its distinctive outer contour, which has a visual impact; the irregular shape of the trouser pockets is designed to enrich the lines of the trousers. Irregular folding design is used on the pocket of casual shirt to make it more individual and playful.

Nude fabric, elastic and comfortable, showing the curve of the figure.
Don't worry about intense exercise, it's more convenient and safe to put your phone.
To achieve effective division of hip and leg lines, clean and neat, quick-drying, breathable and perspiration.

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