Orange sports bra

Orange sports bra

Our orange sports bra is designed with a unique feature called hollowing. This design not only adds a touch of visual transparency but also highlights the outline of the yoga clothes, making it more characteristic. We have removed any exaggerated elements from the design, leaving only the exquisite hollow to fully showcase the fashion of the appearance. This makes our sports bra stand out from the rest, and is perfect for those who want to look and feel stylish while working out. Try our orange sports bra today and experience the comfort and fashion that it has to offer!

leaving only the exquisite hollow to fully show the fashion of the appearance.
The neckline is uniquely cut, revealing the chest line, and matching thin shoulder straps, sexy and playful.
Hollowing has been widely used in the design of orange sports bra
Widens the elastic hem, tightens fat and modifies the waist line.

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