Nylon yoga pants

Nylon yoga pants

This nylon yoga pants are designed with a high waist, lifting the waistline, balancing the body proportions and visually lengthening the legs. Close-fitting and keep the abdomen in shape, hide the belly, not afraid of small meat.
Adopted exquisite making craft, stereo close-fitting cutting and high waist design, closing abdomen and lifting hip to show the long leg , showing sexy and attractive figure.Four elastic sides, stretching posture fully, easy to complete all kinds of difficult yoga movements. Double waistline design, firm waist, tighten core, improve sport performance. The double waistline is also more firm, preventing it from falling off during exercise.
High quality fabric, skin-friendly and sweat absorption , high elasticity and equipped with compression effect. The more movement, the more comfortable, a style yoga pant which can breathe.

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high waisted multi-color nylon yoga pants
high elasticity and equipped with compression effect nylon yoga pants

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