Long sleeve workout top womens

long sleeve workout top womens

Long sleeve workout top womens has a slim design that highlights the graceful figure and shows it off. Especially the design of fashionable revealing bellybutton and crossing bottom ,highlight sexy small pretty waist while wearing a full sense of sex and vitality. The thumb cuff is designed to protect the cuff from retracting during movement and better protect the palms.Temperament round collar design, the edge line is delicate and neat, and collar radian is just right, showing a charming clavicle curve, thin and temperament. Careful craft and the clear body line make whole look more stereo and modeling. Putting on is strong skin-feeling, soft and comfortable, and the movement is more carefree.Fabric knitting technology has a strong sense of texture, folding crossing design on the front waist, simple and fashionable, showing a good figure. 


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