Lifting sports bra


The reason why we wear lifting sports bra is because we will do a lot of movements and exercises different from our daily life during sport. Our chest, which is wrapped by fat tissue and ligaments, will stretch under the moving pressure of exercise and is difficult to recover. Once injured, it is almost irreversible. It lead to chest sagging, deformation and other problems. The sport bra is designed with a wider bottom that fits into the Ergonomic cutting, compared with ordinary elastic bottom, wearing more comfortable and lighter. Widen the shoulder strap and insert the elastic rubber band of same width to give the classic a new life. Simple shoulder changes make the classic become fashionable again and make the movement more dynamic. Stereoscopic chest shape, six stitching on left and right , embellishing chest visual beauty, fashionable and bright , chest more stereoscopic and full. Keeping sub-breast in, the bottom width has kind of proper sex , free going out. 


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