Flow yoga wear

Flow yoga wear

While focusing on practical and versatile flow yoga wear, the overall profile requirements have become particularly concerned. The development of design needs to cater to the change of lifestyles. Among them, long-lasting durability is the key. While pursuing a long-lasting fashion sense, it must also It has the visual effect of wearing with concavity and convexity. High-end leggings with a sense of the times; culottes with fuzzy skirts and trousers are comfortable and practical; pleated jumpsuits are a different kind of deduction of fairy temperament; V-waisted trousers are more bold and fashionable Agitation.

While focusing on practical and versatile flow yoga wear
Three-dimensional tailoring to modify the figure. Skin-friendly and breathable, exercise is not sultry.
Back design, comfortable and not restrained, improve sports performance.

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