Cross back sports bra


Cross back sports bra, flat-chested girl don’t have to worry too much. The U – shaped neckline of the front chest draws the outline of the neck line, showing the sexy clavicle while fitting the female chest curve.Slightly exposed chest, making chest more gathered together. The inner support is shockproof and gathered, and the movement keeps stable without any violent shaking.Shockproof and gathered prevents movement range is too large, destroying the chest shape . The thin shoulder belt of simple and versatile, sexy and nifty, matching with any coats all very good-looking. Back crossed to form a large area of hollowed-out, revealing the charm curve of the back. Keep breathable, effectively relieve the sweat sticky trouble, letting the movement dry and cool. Fine stitching, smooth and firm seam, reducing friction, wearing more comfortable and secure. 


Cross Back Sports Bra Video Show

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