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Fabric is spun from the recycled yarn!

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With the strengthening of people’s awareness of environmental protection and the progress of science and technology,the use of renewable resources instead of non-renewale resources and their recycling have become and important method to protect the environment and recycling has become an important solution to “green polyester”.

Recycled plastic bottles are used as raw materials,which arecrushed,cleaned,decomposed,polymerized,granulated and melt spinning into green and environment-freiendly fibers.

Replace native polyester with recycled PET for a more environmentally friendly solution. In the application of knitting, creating functional magnetic health knitting,the blending of recycled synthetic materials and luxury fiber stands out which takes sustainability as the core . Biological polyamide yarn adopts renewable castor oil to produce light elastic yarn.
The polyester yarn which is created by the recycled plastic bottles is also widely used in Sportswear. HL Sportswear, for example, developed one type of Sportswear leggings, which is made by recycled plastic bottles. It is a perfect combination of sports fitness , environmental protection and low-carbon.

“Reduce wastes and recycle them instead,put them with plants and they will be fed.”

save resources
Rich variety of recycle fabrics
Protect the environment

Sporting With environmental protection and get results

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