Seamless leggings high waisted

seamless leggings high waisted design

This seamless leggings high waisted design are made of high quality fabric, stretch and bounce back achieve the high quality state, and have a soft and delicate hand feeling. Fabric has good moisture absorption and perspiration, so that you keep dry and comfortable. Breathable strips on both sides of the thigh are designed to help drain sweat and moisture, and extend along the thigh line to show the body curves. Perforated design on pant leg , breathable and design sense at the same time. Fashionable thread high waist, pulling better fit the waist. Elastic traceless waist seal, security wrap does not tighten the muscle, widened elastic traceless waist seal protects the waist and abdomen meat, movement more secure, but will not tighten the muscle. Fine hip line design draws the sexy peach hip. The fine hip line is designed to fit the proportions of the body.


Seamless leggings high waisted fabric description: polyamide with spandex. High elastic fabrics, moisture absorption and perspiration, seamless knitted fabrics, high compressibility, stronger shaping, with better skin-close function, making the movement more carefree.

Seamless leggings high waisted product features:

  • No trace waist seal: elastic and no trace, safely wrapping.
  • Hip line design: fine hip line design draws the lines.
  • 4-d stretch: high-intensity fabrics support muscle groups and reduce muscle shake during exercise.
  • Pants design: in terms of design, seamless sportswear with knitted fitting is more suitable for minimalist style design due to the seamless. Sharp edges and corners, zigzag graphics and other parts that are not easy to process and make are also the most suitable design details.

Advantages of the seamless knitted clothing of fitting type

he seamless knitted clothing of fitting type does not need stitches and machine needles in the seam process, and the same style of clothing does not need to change seams in the production process. Therefore, it is more suitable for small-batch and multi-variety clothing styles. However, due to the high cost of adhesive film and equipment, if the production number is small, the cost will be relatively high. In terms of wear feeling, compared to the Sewn clothing, because the seamless knitted clothing of fitting type doesn’t have the seam friction on the skin , the wearing of the naked effect is better, such as marathon, fitness athletes in high intensity, intense fitness or running race, because of frequent arm swing and a lot of sweat will make clothing seam cause excessive friction on the skin of the armpit, even wear the skin, using seamless products can avoid this damage.Because there are no pinholes and stitches in the seamless knitted clothinf of fitting type , its surface is more delicate and simple beauty, and more suitable for delicate corner and edge design.

We are Leggings factory have a large new mix quantity stock with different patterns and sizes.There is no Leggings MOQ for your first orders.Smaller MOQ for Custom design leggings available.

We will arrange the Shipping in 2 days as you confirm the order,3-5 working days for delivery, door to door by FedEx, UPS, or DHL.Ship by AIR,12-15 working days for delivery, door to door and free customs duty. Ship by Container Sea is welcomed always.

PayPal is one of the most Professional and Safety Payment way for pay for your leggings orders, we surely accept PayPal to pay for leggings.For PayPal, dont worry about the PayPal fee, it is available for us for your smaller MOQ leggings orders.

The shipping charge is based on the order quantity.Please you give me your order list with item numbers and each quantity, I will check with our warehouse and make exact invoice list for you.

Supply two pairs free leggings samples to check quality and sizes before bulk order.The shipping charge is paid on delivery if you have express account.We will refund the custom design leggings samples cost as you place the order.

Your own design and private labels leggings are welcomed,please show us your AI file,Our designer will make a leggings draft for your evaluation. Warmly welcome to make your own patterns digital print leggings with high quality requirement.

Private-label-leggings payment shipping method
Private-label-leggings payment shipping method

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