Leisure antistatic gym yoga pants


Gym yoga pants fresh and simple matched color,no matter which season is the best choice . The fabric itself fits the skin. The fabric has good softness, moisture absorption and good rebound performance.
Polyamide strengthen elasticity , suitable for all kinds of sports.Loose leisure modeling, cool and transparent, modifying legs, showing figure. Proper widen pants legs, not monotonous, not hot,letting sports more comfortable. Stitching inside folding technology, eliminating the thread , so that each stitching detail are clean and brief, full sense of advanced .Do not stick the skin,letting free drape feeling , not letting dripping sweat tie your pants leg. The whole body four pockets design, full the beauty feeling of frock movement , showing cool and fairy temperament, and let the buttocks more stereo not monotonous. 


Leisure Antistatic Gym Yoga Pants

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