High waisted leggings

High waisted leggings

High Waisted Leggings Wholesale Manufacturer

High waisted leggings provide the function of sculpted and support,which are designed for intense exercise. Clear angle prints fabrics and contrasting mesh cloth create an illusional sense of layering,while also modifieds the shape of the legs.Flat stitching ensures comfort and reduces friction, thus improving durability and toughness.

This high-elastic, quick-drying sports leggings use a one-piece waist design that supports the waist and hides the over fat.
High waisted leggings the Legs use net yarn stitching, fashionable and sex, elegant and special.
The leggings legs adopt girded design, which can reduce the risk of injury during exercise.Hip use hip-lifting design, making hip round and fulness like peach .
Choose breathable and fast - drying fabric, touching comfortable and delicate . Good perspiration and skin-friendly performance can bring great sports experience.

Using digital printing technology can customize any design you need. HL sportswearmfg extracts many popular printing elements from the show every year and precipitates a huge database to choose from, making it easier for you to choose the printing patterns.

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