High support sports bra


High support sports bra, a growing number of women are taking to the treadmill or elliptical machine to relax after a yoga workout.
This anti-shock and gathered sports bra is designed for meeting the sport needs of modern yoga women.It has enough wrapping power and shock resistance to support the upper body and make your sport performance more stable. You don’t have to worry about too much exercise, which will lead to sagging breasts. The design of knot with rowing buckle on the back, easy to wear and take off. It can adjust according to personal figure at the same time, reducing back pressure, maintaining good figure, all showing elegant body lines.  

Design concept a medium-high intensity sports training customized bra. Front section and v-collar design both practical and good-looking

Fabric Introuducation

Thin and high elasticity brocade ammonia with double-side , 90% nylon, 10% spandex, naked feeling and skin-friendly, wearing not stuffy and not tight.
Comfortable and anti-shock at the same time, the packaging performance and compression resistance is not reduced. Thin and high elasticity,excellent breathability, meeting the refreshing experience for exercise.

High Support Sports Bra Product features:

  • Design concept: a medium-high intensity sports training customized bra. Front section and v-collar design,both practical and good-looking.
  • Gathered beautiful chest: the front section and v-neck design, lifting the chest line and lengthening the neck line.
  • Hollow back: knot and rowing buckle design, easy to wear and take off, beautify back and anti-shock.
  • Back protection design:Careful back protection design, comfortable and skin-friendly,which make easy and comfortable yoga experience.
Private-label-leggings payment shipping method
Private-label-leggings payment shipping method

This women’s sport bra is anti-shock during running,looking nice and beatify back ,which can also be used as a yoga vest at the same time. No steel-ring design with thin and gathered can also adapt to high intensity sports fitness.