Project Description

Sublimation Fabric Milk Fiber Elastic for Shorts

Sublimation Fabric Milk Fiber Elastic for Shorts Basic info

Color: White/Black/Grey
Item No: 1116
Function: Cycling shorts/Triathlon suit/sportswear/T-shirt
Performance: Elastic/Moisture Wicking fabric/Mesh fabrics
Composition: 100%Polyester material fabric or custom(30% spandex and 70% polyester upon)
Material breakdown:
Fabric: Polyester & Spandex
Width:160CM-200CM / Weight: 160gsm-230gsm

Sports fabrics with Lycra ingredients more elastic more comfortable, in the course of the movement to provide close protection, polyester material has a moisture perspiration, quick-drying function. This sports fabric is suitable for most sports apparel, riding apparel, sports T-shirt, any function you want to dress can be met.
Key Features:

  • Milk Fiber comfort
    With a cashmere-like feel, the monofilament fineness, the proportion of light, breaking elongation, curl elasticity, curl recovery rate closest to cashmere and wool, fiber bulging soft, soft, comfortable, smooth waxy; fiber white , With a silky natural luster, elegant appearance, anti-Japanese fastness, anti-perspiration fastness of 4 to 3, and easy to dry.
  • Hygroscopicity
    Milk fiber section is irregular circle, cross section is full of voids, there are many longitudinal grooves, protein molecules distributed in the fiber surface, contains natural protein moisturizing factor and a large number of hydrophilic groups, can quickly absorb human sweat, through the ditch Trough the rapid introduction of air emissions, the skin has always maintained a dry state, anti-fluff, from the ball to 3 to 4.
  • Wicking, anti-bacterial deodorant, four color fastness, ergonomics.
  • Mesh fabric material for moisture wicing and breatheatble
  • Endothermic heat release
    Fiber microporous multi-gap microporous structure and the vertical surface of the groove structure determines the fibers are cool in summer and cool characteristics: summer made thin fabric, can quickly absorb the skin distributed wet sweat, and quickly spread to the air, keep the skin Dry and breathable; winter made thick fabric, microporous absorption into the body to absorb the heat, effectively block the air circulation, to prevent the invasion of cold air, light and warm.


Order info

Price: USD9.0/kg  (The weight equal 200gsm and width equal 160cm for yard price are USD 2.3/Yard )

MOQ: 25kgs (The weight equal 200gsm and width equal 160cm for yard MOQ are 80 Yards )

Remark: As you know our products has quite wide range according to different quality and material requirements.It’s better you can let me know your detail specifications.
Delivery Time: 7~45 days
Payment: L/C,T/T,Western Union,Paypal,Bank Card ect.

Sample: Free samples and hangers available or upon request

Packing: Rolly with poly bag