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Skull leggings suppliers

Skull leggings is one of stylish prints who are popular hot pattern for leggings in the world.Fashion prints are always the market pioneer,it set off a tidal current in the printing industry and extends to clothing, household, textile, daily necessities and other downstream industry. The printing industry is a hot trend in many industries where we need to pay full attention. The next top-rated items are always born here.

Skull leggings pattern skull printes fashion leggings

The new generations of skull leggings prints: Kuso and disclose one’s secret (comes from 突っ込み),is the most popular form of expression that new generation of young people like best. They built their own spheres of interest, automatic shielding outside boring sound, showing their attitude with symbols, shape and exaggerated patterns. The continuous pursuit of all the lustrous,bold and dazzling or weird colors,like the pink sand filter-like,foam blue, brilliant light green with avant-garde image, exudes a unique flavor of the new youth rebellion and witty. Surreal graffiti and fusion hybrid creative pattern is their first choice, which means I’m not cool, I’m a “freak” is a smash hit.

What we used is high density stitching of four needle six lines sewing technique, instead of common three needle five lines, so the price between this sewing technique have a bit price difference.

Three needle five lines sewing effect

Three needle five lines sewing effect

Four needle six lines sewing with more tight stitching

Four needle six lines sewing with more tight stitching

Speaking of which, I have to mention that all of our leggings will make a small triangle into crotch area to enhance the ability of leggings durable. Taking our customers from Nigeria as an example. She is engaged in fitness training, you know, there are many obese populations who wear our leggings to do strenuous exercise, but legging break never happens.

We used Fourneedle Six Lines workmanship, and it is different with the ordinary four needle six lines. According to the demands from their customer, we urged our garment factory to compact the stitching and threading. Although it cost more, our Nigeria customer got profit from retail our leggings, and she adopted 88% polyester and 12% spandex 260gsm fabric weight, the well received and top rated fabric composition.

Printing own legging design, small quantity order lead time is 14~20 days and larger order take 7~14 days only.

Skull leggings suppliers of HUELLEN Industrial have the following characteristics:

1. Elastic force: 12% polyester content,ensure maximum comfort at the same time and pants know better than to loose, skinny legs sports leggings playing a role of tight and lift up hip in the visual, you can feel the charm of thin legs.
2. Breathable: Polyester fabric, particularly suitable for sports, its moisture perspiration, breathable function so that the movement of heat generated by the fiber gap disappeared, maintaining the entire movement of cool and comfortable.
3. Anti-wrinkle: 4 Ways Stretch fabric so the leggings have good anti-wrinkle, resilient and easy to care.
4. Soft: fine texture, feel soft,comfortable to wear.
Workmanship: 4-needles 6-threads sewing, more fit the human body circumference curve, and with effectively reducing friction, increase product quality, and more use times. Dimensional version of the type and show thin!

Wholesale fashion leggings suppliers order info

Price: USD5.5 – USD 9.5 / leggings

MOQ: 5pcs in stock printed leggings (Custom leggings are accepted and same MOQ)

Remark: As you know our products has quite wide range according to different quality and material requirements.It’s better you can let me know your detail specifications.
Delivery Time: 7~45 days
Payment: L/C,T/T,Western Union,Paypal,Bank Card ect.

Sample: Free samples and Free printed your own desgin leggings

Packing: Carton with poly bag

Q: Do you have stock products to sell ?
A: Yes, we have stock many kind of colors & designs for ourself leggings to sell. Also accept OEM order.

Q: When we create the artwork ,what kind of format is available for printing?
A: You can choose: PDF, CDR, AI vector files

Q: Do you provide inspect the finished products before shipment?
A: Yes. Each product will be inspected by QC before shipping.

Q: Is men’s size having the same price as the women?
A: Yes, when sewing an adult’s or a children’s order it takes the same amount of time.

Q: Can you replicate my order if I provide you a sample?
A: Yes if you give us fabric details, PMS and vectore file design.






Welcome to custom your size, we are able to customized your size, such as UK size, US size, Asian size,Europe size,Plus size leggings and so on.

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