Project Description

All-in-one sport bra

One Sport Bra

The majority of big chest beauties, suffered the soft tissue and the pectoralis major strain, and even have breathing difficulties, just because they do not put on sports bra to exercise. It’s the root cause of chest pain and is something that few people know about and even fewer people understand, this is exactly the reason why strenuous exercise will hurt chest.

One sport bra also called racer-back, it seems easy but ever-changing. One-piece sport bra is suitable for the women with smaller breasts. Women with bigger breasts and heavier burden, they can choose the sport bra design with one-piece lining and independent bra size. No-brainer to pick up design and it is easy on and off


One sport bra back side with custom printed


All-in-one sport bra is a vital outfit in women exercise, women chest will shake and swing with high magnitude uncontrollably, without sport bra while running and jumping. Women chests sagging due to elastic fiber tissue in chest is seriously damaged.