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Our Love Affair With Lycra – What Is It All About?

Coco Chanel a famous French fashionista once said: “Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds.” Fashion fabric plays a crucial role in how much comfy a swimsuit, a dress or a coat would be. And without any doubt, outfits made from Lycra fabrics are more than amazing.

Also known as spandex, Lycra is a synthetic, polymeric fiber. It`s comprised of the rubbery content of polyester in addition to the tougher parts such as urethanes. The constituents, when fabricated together allow suppleness of your garment, while bolstering the fabric. This combo presents a flexible yet controllable material. Excellent!

Here at HUALLEN INDUSTRIAL, our love affair with lycra has been going on for decades, and it`s easy to see why. Lycra fabric has become a favorite choice for millions of people both as an innerwear and outwear garment. Seen first on the market as an undergarment that helped in the shaping of the figures of women, Lycra has now changed the textile and fabric world over the past few decades and is now used in “high-fashion” clothing for all people, regardless of their age, size and sex.

Apart from presenting you with durability, Lycra has a unique ability to hold on to colors longer for extended periods, does not show any forms of fading and resistant to dirt and stains. As such, fashion garments made from Lycra are able to hold on their glamor and beauty offering a perfect solution to all your discolorations and wrinkling.

Another stellar feature of our Lycra fashion fabrics is the ability to keep the moisture away from your body, thanks to its moisture-wicking ability. Hence, the garment makes a suitable choice for guys who like engaging in sporting activities such as gyming, cycling or playing tennis. It’s no wonder that our Lycra fabric is so popular with fitness clothing designers. A gym suit made from Lycra offers a cool and sensation feeling while assuring your body spending breathability.

You do not have a second chance at making a first impression.

Never leave any stone unturned. One thing that you should note is that there`s no getting around with it. It`s here to stay and at HUALLEN INDUSTRIAL you do not necessarily have to break a bank.

We welcome you with open arms dear Lycra lovers and we look forward to the future of what you can create and accomplish in your life. Hooray for Lycra!

HUALLEN INDUSTRIAL aims at simplifying and streamlining the lives of our clients. With that in mind, we provide fabrics that are meek and modest. Our garments made from Lycra are easy to wash and this is part of why it`s appealable to many. Apart from using a washing machine, the Lycra fabric can also be hand-washed using lukewarm water coupled with mild soap. Additionally, most fabrics made from Lycra are light and dries in any climatic conditions.

The versatility of Lycra is well grounded. The ability of the Lycra fabric to blend with other materials is simply astounding. Here are some of the spellbinding and popular combinations.

  • Cotton Lycra FabricIt offers the best of both worlds. Everyone loves pulling their favorite tee for a warm, and comfy feeling during summer or spring. Cotton is also soft, but when alone it wrinkles easily, shrinks and stretches out. With the addition of Lycra in the mix, a low maintenance, wrinkle-free and easy to wash garment is made.
  • Nylon Lycra Fabric  (READLATE:THE LYCRA SPANDEX MATERIAL FOR SWIMSUIT)With Lycra and Nylon blends, the upholstery game has completely changed. Now, the shiny, tough, and sturdy party nylon wear can now feel light, smooth and soft, with the addition of Lycra in the equation.
  • Wool Lycra FabricThis is the optimal solution for the winter and chilly coats and suits. It keeps the users warm and looks fantastic. The stiffness and fit required in a coat come out fantastic with the addition of Lycra.