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Compression leggings wholesale manufacturer

The main advantage of compression-leggings is unfettered exercise. Differences in traditional clothing, tight sportswear will follow muscle swings while working out, clings to the skin, and moves smoothly. As to the compression-leggings material used, HL sportswearmfg primary use quick-drying material to ensure dry and breathable while you are working out.

The Cationic compression leggings produced by HL sportswearmfg use a high-waist design that is relatively high and very tight for the waist part, the width of waist part is only about the width of the thighs before wearing it, to ensure that you will not feel loose during the course of the exercise, enjoy your exercise.

The features of HL sportswearmfg compression leggings

The quality of the knee joint materials largely determines the best comfort in the exercise, the knee in running and other processes is the most active part, HL sportswearmfg Compression-leggings insert a more functional Cationic fabric in this part, soft, flexible, the fusiform 4 needles with 6 threads overlock at leg side, firmly attaches the fabric above the knee muscles. Moreover, the fusiform woven style of 4 needles with 6 threads overlock can make our body holistic stronger, it is a feeling of having a layer of exoskeleton while wearing the Cationic compression leggings, the woven style can provide additional great support especially when your muscles are tired

HUALLEN sportswearmfg,over 3,000 sportswear brands well-trusted manufacturer

HUALLEN advantage lies in offering a series of solution from sportswear fabric to sportswear.
We, HUALLEN, owned a completed production line. Whether you are an experienced sportswear brand supplier or emerging brand is taking off, we playing our 16-year professional production experience to provide you with perfectly solution which meet the market.


compression leggings order info

Price: USD7.5 – USD 9.5 / leggings

MOQ: 5pcs in stock printed leggings (Custom leggings are accepted and same MOQ)

Remark: As you know our products has quite wide range according to different quality and material requirements.It’s better you can let me know your detail specifications.
Delivery Time: 7~45 days
Payment: L/C,T/T,Western Union,Paypal,Bank Card ect.

Sample: Free samples and Free printed your own desgin leggings

Packing: Carton with poly bag


Q: Do you have stock products to sell ?
A: Yes, we have stock many kind of colors & designs for ourself leggings to sell. Also accept OEM order.

Q: When we create the artwork ,what kind of format is available for printing?
A: You can choose: PDF, CDR, AI vector files

Q: Do you provide inspect the finished products before shipment?
A: Yes. Each product will be inspected by QC before shipping.

Q: Is men’s size having the same price as the women?
A: Yes, when sewing an adult’s or a children’s order it takes the same amount of time.

Q: Can you replicate my order if I provide you a sample?
A: Yes if you give us fabric details, PMS and vectore file design.








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