Project Description

Activewear Fabric Nylon Material

Activewear Fabric Nylon Material

Color: White/Black/Grey
Item No: 1119
Function: Cycling shorts/Triathlon suit/sportswear.
Performance: Elastic/Moisture Wicking fabric/Mesh fabrics
Composition: 100%Polyester material fabric or custom(30% spandex and 70% polyester upon)
Material breakdown:
Fabric: Polyester & Nylon Spandex
Width:160CM-200CM / Weight: 160gsm-230gsm

Activewear Fabric Nylon Material Description:
The most important indicator of Activewear is to meet the needs of motor function, in the campaign, because of physical activity is always easy to sweat, so moisture wicking and quick drying function is the primary choice, polyester material can be a good meet this demand ; But this does not mean that sports apparel on the need for pure polyester fabric, the appropriate composition of spandex Lycra can make up for pure polyester fabric without the drawback of elasticity. Because in the movement, limb and body activities so that you urgently need to have elastic fabric.
Key Features:

  • Lycra spandex&polyester fabric material for elastic performance
  • Be suitable for the workout sportsing wear as long time and long distance play.
  • Wicking, anti-bacterial deodorant, four color fastness, ergonomics.
  • Mesh fabric material for moisture wicing and breatheatble
  • High-quality & competitive price


Order info

Price: USD4.5/kg  (The weight equal 200gsm and width equal 160cm for yard price are USD 1.3/Yard )

MOQ: 25kgs (The weight equal 200gsm and width equal 160cm for yard MOQ are 80 Yards )

Remark: As you know our products has quite wide range according to different quality and material requirements.It’s better you can let me know your detail specifications.
Delivery Time: 7~45 days
Payment: L/C,T/T,Western Union,Paypal,Bank Card ect.

Sample: Free samples and hangers available or upon request

Packing: Rolly with poly bag