Yoga Pose To Lose Weight

Yoga pose to lose weight. Firstly, it is common knowledge that yoga is a very healthy exercise and help to sharp our body as well.

Now let’s learn something about these yoga pose to lose weight, you can do it at any corner in your house or in the office.

Usually, take about one week in order to bear fruit and lose weight is just around the corner, come and join us!

yoga pose

8 yoga pose movements to lose weight

Yoga pose first movement lie down

The first movement: lie down and hold tight behind legs across your chest,hands on your bent legs,turn to the left and then turn to the right,repeatedly 20times one group,3 groups per day.

Yoga pose second movement lie down

The second movement: stand on with the legs astride, the body bents to the side of left leg,straight left arm and reach to the left foot,straight up the right arm and keep the left on the same vertical line, hold on five seconds and change the left arm and repeat it again and again. repeatedly 15 times one group,3 groups per day.

The third yoga pose movements

The third movement:stand on with the legs astride,the body bents to the side of right leg, and the next movement as above.

The forth yoga pose movement

The forth movement: stand on with the legs astride,turn around your body to the right side,horizontal outriggers and put hands together reverse on the back of sphenoid,lean your head backward,repeatedly 15 times one group,3 groups per day.

The fifth yoga pose movement

The fifth yoga pose movement:On the fourth movement basis,press your right leg down and keep body lean forward and maintain this motion 10 seconds around,repeatedly 15 times one group,3 groups per day, combined with the fourth movement together.

The sixth yoga pose movement

The sixth movement:stand on with the legs astride,holding on with fingers and palm up,straighten your arms overhead,slight body lean and making a 90 – degree angle with the legs,15 times one group,3 groups per day.

The seventh yoga pose movement

The seventh movement:Keep your legs bent, hands grasp your ankles,arch your upper body backward,note your head,neck and shoulder must be within the yoga mat limits. Please note that patients with cervical spondylopathy is forbidden. Hold for up to 10 seconds and after each action to rest for 5 seconds,10 times one group,3 groups per day.

The eighth yoga pose movement
The eighth movement:Keep your legs bent, arch your upper waist backward, arm akimbo, take turns to lift your legs straight up, 20 times one group, 3 groups per day.

Well,that’s all, everyone please stick to it,it will help us not only to reduce the pain of head, neck and shoulder,but also body shaping. There is no shortcut to success!