Tropical Fruit Style – Fashion summer printing

Tropical elements and fresh fruit printing, which dominates the product design of summer casual wear, top-rated beachwear and outdoor recreation necessary leggings, etc. The vintage fruit pattern still symbols the tendency of stylish pattern. Hand-painted fruit identification and lovely fruit pattern is the primary inspiration where interesting pattern comes from. Hippie fruit elements combined with colorful and abstract graffiti, and we will feel so rejuvenated.

fashion leggings printing for Tropical elements and fresh fruit

Fruit print is the required elements for summer children’s clothing and women’s dress, high saturated eye-catch design (colorful HD picture collage realistic printing, matching fresh white background) and plain black outline exquisite designs. Pineapple, banana and watermelon pattern are of great importance to summer items, while cherry and lemon is suitable for Spring and Spring&Summer respectively.


The perferct fashion wear – Fruit printing

If fashion has its own favor that must be sweet fruity! Fruit shaped fashion items is so favorable and hugely popular in fashion world. Watermelon as an essential fruit in summer and being a fashion lover, which was only to be expected. Red between green color is quite delightful.

Fruit shaped fashion items is so favorable and hugely popular in fashion world

HUALLEN also has launched fruit printing leggings which full of summer style, and dozens of different printing leggings from which to choose.

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