supplex leggings wholesale supplex fabrics material

supplex leggings wholesale

Supplex leggings wholesale is selling from HUALLEN Industrial’s supplex leggings.Supplex leggings is a functional named, which refers to all kinds of supplex functional fabrics. For a variety of outdoor sports scenes, running, jogging, yoga, workout, gym fitness,and all sorts of violent outdoor sports need wicking features to make the exercise more comfortable.
SUPPLEX® is a kind of nylon fabric developed by INVISTA. It is delicate and soft, feels like cotton fabric, suitable for summer clothes, and its air permeability is equivalent to cotton fabric. Secondly SUPPLEX® fiber is ultrafine, porous, With siphon function, to perspiration quick-drying function. Since the SUPPLEX® fabric itself is nylon, it is durable. In addition, SUPPLEX ® fabric also has a wind, water, light weight, easy to take care of the characteristics. So SUPPLEX® fabric is a good fit for outdoor sports.


As we all know, Supplex and Lycra are INVISTA products, is a relatively advanced fabric material. I am proud to say that we have been engaged in the production of fabrics for twenty-six years. and we established the mutually beneficial business relationship with UBVUSTA in 2006. There are many of our fabrics and yarn that supplied by INVISTA, including Lycra, Coolmax, and supplex.

Just so you know,if you use Supplex and Lycra on your Leggings, which can also get two items of authorized hang tag by the INVISTA company, pattern shown in the attachment, please kindly check.

Fabrics with high grade materials as well as the functionality of leggings that can be more convenient to your leggings marketing.


ADVANTAGE OF HUALLEN’s Supplex Leggings Wholesale

Regardless of Any Exercises, HUALLEN Supplex Leggings Wholesale Is The Best Material for Tights

Meanwhile, the price is unavoidable, expensive material determines the expensive finished products.
We need to prepare the raw materials of 90% supplex &10 % lycra leggings, that is, we need to purchase supplex yarn from INVISTA.We will wove the yarn into the grey cloth, and send the grey cloth to dyeing the fabric color you wanted. It requires the fabric minimum order quantity 500KGS, and the price per kilogram of fabric is $ 24/KG.

500 KGS supplex&lycra material fabrics can produce about 1500pcs – 1750pcs leggings, and check computation by this price, the raw material cost of one legging is $8.0 and $1.2 for labor cost, so the lowest price is $10 per unit legging. Therefore, this price is very attractive, after all, there are not leggings with such senior fabric but offer $10 per unit. However, this also means that there would be MOQ 2000pcs leggings with such advanced fabric.

It should be noticed we are INVISTA’s partner, so we can give you such an affordable price. we have the authority to apply for the yarn from INVISTA directly, and combined with our own yarn workshop and dyeing factory, we can help you to save at least 30% costs from raw material to finished product of leggings.

But for you, the real problem is the customized and high grade fabrics, we need to purchase supplex yarn so the leggings minimum order quantity would be higher, for this reason that we can not provide samples in a very short time and with no need for MOQ.

After my calculation, with such a high grade quality fabric, the legging price is not expensive instead. let’s suppose that you customize the 1500 pcs leggings, then the lowest price is $10 * 1500pcs = $15000. but in the $15000, $12000 is used for fabric of raw materials. To put it in another way, there are only $ 3000 for 1500 pcs leggings, and $2 for finished cost of each legging, it is very attractive!

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SDRI-FIT made by ultrafine fiber material, it can pass sweat from the skin to the outer layer of clothing and rapid evaporation, to maintain the dry experience of exercise. 906DT Cationic fabric is an excellent outdoor fabrics and material design by SDRI-FIT & Spandex both of high elastic & wicking.

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Wicking fabric 901D is one of the fabric that created by SDRI-FIT, made of 100% cationic polyester fabric, the inherent quick-drying function, wicking is particularly suitable for running sports. Cationic fabric, the unique rainbow colors make your sporting T-shirt more stylish without any printing!

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Jacquard fabric manufacturing process complicated. Warp and weft interwoven ups and downs, forming different patterns, there are convex, multi-woven out of flowers, birds, fish, insects, birds and beasts and other beautiful patterns. Texture is soft, delicate, smooth unique texture, gloss is good, good drape, and breathability and color fastness high (yarn dyeing). 909D jacquard fabric using SDRI-FIT and polyester faric, not only has a super wicking function,but also stylish appearance!

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