What sportswear fabric will come into vogue in 2018 Autumn & Summer?

Learn to know the sportswear garment market potential!

Sportswear fabrics: The performance and quality of functional fiber are continuously improved and innovite, so as to improve the development of the fabric of science and technology, and the functional   attributes are more obvious, to lead the future style.

Functional Nano moisture-wicking fiber, antibacterial cool fiber brings a different summer sports experience. Macromolecule graphene gives health function to sportswear fabric.

Sportswear fabrics The performance and quality of functional fiber are continuously improved and innovite

1.1Functional Nano Moisture-wicking Fiber Fabric

1.2Functional Nano Bamboo Charcoal Fiber Fabric

1.3Antibacterial Cool Fiber Fabric

1.4Multifunctional and macromolecule graphene sportswear fabric

Graphene: A layer of carbon atom broken away from graphene, macromolecule two-dimensional carbon material.

Features: A new Nano material is the thinnest, the highest strengths, the strongest thermal and electrical performance which we have never seen before.
Functionality: low-temperature far-infrared, anti-UV, enhance airframe function, improvement micro-cycle, antibiosis and bacteriostatic function, anti-static electricity, warm and insulate temperature, cool and dry, eliminate odor etc.

Graphene Application:

1.Thermal fiber: To put biomass Graphene with different ratios into viscose or another fiber, forming into biomass Graphene composition fiber that applicable to textile-based goods.

2.Graphene membrane: To put Graphene into TPU environmental protection Polymer, which can be prepare to high Polymer Graphene membrane, those are able to be used for composite work of sportswear or outdoor fabrics.

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Sportswear Fabrics Cool Design

Sportswear fabrics, to changed its plain appearance by improving and evolving to colorful, gorgeous and artist way; Inspired by fashionable industrial metal transfer printing, shiny look and light hand feeling.

Sportswear fabrics, to changed its plain appearance by improving and evolving to colorful, gorgeous and artist way

1.1&1.3 Watermark spent: treat water and fabric appears varieties pattern, an utter delight.

1.2 Computer color separation + Recess engraving technology + Environmental protection dyes + Transfer printing, which equals Stereoscopic feeling + Rich color + Realistic vision.

Sportswear Fabrics Space Impression

Lamination processing of functional multilayer membrane and light fabric, through the 3D embossing processing, feeling of strength being used for outdoor sports fabric. The warp knitted mesh fabric and the functional film combined, to form a concave convex shape, adding rainproof, breathable and other functions.

Sportswear Fabrics Cool Design

1.1 Functional multilayer membrane

1.2 Warp knitting mesh texture + functional membrane + concave and convex shape + rainproof + air permeability

1.3 Light fabric+3D embossing

1.4 Super-fine Dan nylon fabric

Fabric with creping process is becoming a popularity

Strenuous exercise gives you pleasure in pursuit of victory, while slow exercise leads to relaxation of the body and mind, the Elegant& Leisure purity your soul.

Super-fine Dan nylon fabric after dying or creping processing, is prefer for Spring&Summer single-layer coat or sun-protective clothing. Fabric will be provided with sense of style, quality and comfortable, sports and leisure when combined with printing process.


Sportswear Pattern(Print)

Non-traditional printing has become a mainstream trend, classic top-rated prints renovated by new workmanship and hand-painted. Boundaries of print style become increasingly blurred, four seasons free creation space inspired fashion designer’s endless imagination.

Sportswear Pattern(Print) trends

Natural Mineral Texture:

1.1The compound materials and recycled material inspired a new surface design trend, which mainly focus on texture printing and hides.

1.2 The pattern looks like terrazzo floor, which shows dispersive splashes and marks, and presents in small dense repeating patterns.

Manual Drawing:

1.3 Floral pattern inclined to a visually striking hand-painted effect, vigorous and colorful floral taken from artist’s easel. Flowers pattern spawn constantly from artist delicate brushwork.

Individual Pursuit:

1.4 Fashion combined with classic, avantgarde with traditional, they walking in their own ways but exposure sparks in sometimes.

Huge Geometry Pattern:

1.5 The mix-and-match with stripes and geometry patterns, formed some fancy designs.

1.6 This 70S geometry pattern had been given a modern charm, all kinds of collage design and repeated splicing pattern work well together.

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