Run Night – 3 Tips You Have To Know

Run night safe:When talking about night running, especially for those who prefers to running alone at night, the most unfortunate news recently was frequently seen. So, what about the safer night running for the female friends? Today I will talk with you about the night running.

Night running is very popular around the world, however, there are a lot of people is busy with their work during the day, only the night will be free to go out and exercise, moreover, owing to time flexibility, no place limitation and running plays a very good exercise effect, so many people are willing to go out for a run after work, sweat a bit to waste discharging and youth keeping. But go out for a run at night is risky for the girls, it is very easy to be fixated on by some bad guys if you choose remote running route or the living place where social safety is not good.

Where is the best place to night running? This is involved the choice of running routes and locations which people not used to pay attention. I am aware that some will argue that they would like to go to run in different places, to have a look the different scenery.That sounds to be interesting, but for girls who likes to running,the place is essential to some extent.

run night safe for women

So how healthy and safety to running at night?

Run night safe – First,improve your safety awareness.

First of all,we must pay more attention to the problem of safety from the idea of the thoughts. Although running can follow your own heart, safety must come first, particularly running at night, the surrounding environment is dark than daytime, coupled with the tiredness of the day work, insecurity factor would come,let alone those who had wrong doings.

So,everyone should pay extra attention to barricades, automobiles and traffic lights,etc. special attention should be given to the possible presence of catch basins, steps and protruding obstacles,etc.

Run night safe – Second,safe route planning.

It is best to meet the following characteristics which can be regarded as a safety route:
1.Close to home.
Firstly, we are familiar with the surrounding environment. Secondly, it can reduce the time needed from home to training places and convenient for you to go home early after exercise and take a shower.
Don’t run into the dark place, please remember external risk factors often come from the dark place.
3.Pedestrian flow.
Although, the running effect will be affected by the crowded square and park, for safety reasons, remote place is not a good choice for night running, passing pedestrians will give you a hand if there were any emergency.
4.Monitoring system.
To be honest, surveillance cameras cannot play an important role in our most daily life, but have a deterrent effect on criminals to some degree. If by any chance situations arise, it works!

running outfit

Run night for running outfit.

In recent years, with the running sports spring up, sports equipment manufacturers specially designed and developed a majority of equipment which fits for night runner, to satisfy the need of running at night.

Night running active wears with strong reflection effect.

In addition to all manner of bright color and reflection effect of activewears and running shoes, you can purchase various luminous bracelet, luminous headband and reflective light pockets, etc. to sum up, light up ourselves is the main purpose. In this way, vehicles and pedestrians in the dark is easier to find you and dodge timely.

Run night – form good safety habits:

1.Don not take along with the valuables while night running.
Your safety and the security of your personal property are security hidden danger exists which in someone’s evil thoughts if you carry about valuables while night running.

2.Do not listen music while night running.
Many runners like listening music when running. It did not matter much in daytime, but not at night. Your visual ability will be greatly reduced at night, and you may not be able to hear any unintentional or intentional injury from behind!

3.Do not run with the bad day.
Many runner seems to stubborn persistence, all the more so about running, and considering the changeable weather in summer, it is not recommended to run with the bad weather, like rainy day and thundery weather.

4.Please run in the direction of the vehicle if you can only run in the road.
Drivers can see you if you run in the direction of the vehicle, this is the safest option.

5.Comply with safety regulations.
It may cause accidents if you run backwards in the road or suddenly stop sunning to take pictures, even run the red light, etc.

6.Bonus tips for female runner.
Running alone at night is not recommended. It would be safer to invite some runners together (male best). Please keep away from the remote places when running alone at night. Consider taking a buzzer siren, a tactical pen or a small volume of pepper spray against a rainy day!

In term of most female night runner, Firstly, always running in well-lighted area, such as school, square etc. Secondly, never forget to take along mobile phone, pepper spray and wear the bright-colored which is equipped with the light reflection strip. Thirdly, tell your friends and family about the route and place in advance, and try to invite some friends to run together. Last but not least, in case of you run into the criminals, you must be calm and deal with it to gain a little more time for you own safety, seize opportunity to use pepper spray and get away and then call the police.

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