Printing technology fashion trends: Stylish prints are always the market pioneer, it set off a tidal current in the printing industry and extends to clothing, household, textile, daily necessities and other downstream industry. The printing industry is a hot trend in many industries where we need to pay full attention. The next top-rated items are always born here.

Printing technology for analyzing the tendency of printing in Spring/Summer 2018

3d printing trends for the tendency

The new generations of bizarre prints: Kuso and disclose one’s secret (comes from 突っ込み),is the most popular form of expression that new generation of young people like best. They built their own spheres of interest, automatic shielding outside boring sound, showing their attitude with symbols, shape and exaggerated patterns. The continuous pursuit of all the lustrous,bold and dazzling or weird colors,like the pink sand filter-like,foam blue, brilliant light green with avant-garde image, exudes a unique flavor of the new youth rebellion and witty. Surreal graffiti and fusion hybrid creative pattern is their first choice, which means I’m not cool, I’m a “freak” is a smash hit.

Printing technology trends for elctrifying visual

Electrifying visual shock: The communication and interaction between virtual and reality constituting a new world of countless dimension wall, which seemed infinitely deep in the universe in different spatial overlay and flashing spiritual of mystical species in different media. Human curiosity of the unknown world more intense, but also makes the technology of artificial intelligence has become the focus of the inevitable related. In an orderly multidimensional space; the order of the golden point printing; the visualization electromagnetic wave effect of abstract twisted; the auto-fluorescent organisms in deep sea world, which are all the new fields people desire to explore. And Under the optical microscope, the cells were dyed bluish green and bluish violet; The strong contrast color between traditional film and negative film, color unfolding the people’s preference, the non-mainstream content from the perspective of nostalgia. The visual stimulation cannot to be neglected from a printing design perspective, this is an era that amusing and Intriguing were widely adopted.

Printing technology trends of Return to trueness,let the mind obtain the extrication from primitive nature

Return to trueness, let the mind obtain the extrication from primitive nature: Conditioning bodily functions and inspire physical potential, this life style is highly praised by more and more people, and it has become the commercialization tendency nowadays. The first is, we need to face the whole nature, protecting and complying for undecorated nature of things. So, pattern style of boorish appearance and texture that comes from earth and mountains and rivers, which can help to summon beginner’s mind of human beings.

Printing technology trends of the inner practice

Inner practice: Return to natural state of mind later, is to enter the inner practice. People in gently nature and temperament to sublimate and adopt the more leisurely and modern way to update mindfulness expression. Concerning the story and the connotation itself that behind the products, and you should pay attention to the textures of the material with bright light or soft colors, water blue, soft light yellow, amber to interpret the idyllic quiet and seemingly opposed new material science and technology. With streamlined pebbles on the soft, small geometric projection and sparse plant strong sense of order to create quiet and delicate mind. It is not equal to the loneliness to peace and quiet, self-admiration but confidence and high quality spiritual transmission, to open a new “stylish revolution”.