From printing to finished clothing,that’s what I do

Preface: how to design their own prints and imaginative fashion design into the garment, which is the fashion designers, individuals and even groups have been thinking for a long time. Sarch from the UK to share her in the HUALLEN, from custom printed fabrics to their own unique design embodied in the process of garment.

I got in touch with a project recently about how to achieve custom printing garment? There are my own experiences to share:

  1. Printing is probably divided into digital printing, screen printing, thermal transfer. Digital printing has been more and more mature, the effect is also very good,I would talk about the digital printing.
    The steps are as follows: first is the idea. Because of the contents of the printing is very rich and varied. I would like to do a graffiti-style, grotesque printing. The theme is medical and disease, performance techniques borrowed from American comics and some European and American illustrator style.
  2. And then draw the printed pattern, can be two-dimension series, four-dimension series, or position printing. Two-dimension series and four-dimension series only need a small unit can be re-arranged, and positioning printing you has to calculate the size of the screen in advance. Can be drawn into a vector diagram, you can also draw a bitmap, but the resolution must meet the requirements of manufacturers.

customer made printed fabrics art

  1. (There are some flowers, vegetation, landscape printing is also a use of the photo segmentation / arrangement / repetition made direct, I use a more direct and simple way to use digital printing, just need to design the graphics that I need and manufacturers can achieve my design and ideas, the whole process is very easy and simple).
  2. Printing was finished as shown in the picture, positioning printing is located in a specific part of the clothes printed pattern, the four-dimension series is the whole part of the printing, such as the entire upper outer garment or the pants.

After the effect picture came out, I found the search engine in the HUALLEN INDUSTRIAL, the printing fabric manufacturers to printing garment have a complete production chain, and after got in touch with their sales, I sent my design and choose a better process fabric of printing polyester and spandex fabric (80% polyester 20% spandex material, polyester is the most suitable for digital printing of the fabric, adding spandex ingredients can have greater flexibility to maintain the wearing comfort!) And then just wait for the finished products! (The production process depends on whether the production season is under peak season or not, and sometimes too many orders, the factory is also very busy, but thanks to the nice service of sales that active feedback for production status.

Finished products are as above, Model’s wearing effect can express the designer’s idea and style intuitive.