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Printed Leggings for Women

Printed leggings for women custom legging manufacturer – Here in HUALLEN. More reliable production control, there are few lenggings manufacturers can operate like HUALLEN, from the yarn weaving, fabric production to the finished leggings, all producers are in HUALLEN’s hand. It’s welcome to starting for your own design leggings, we have many kinds of custom printing leggings.

How to printed leggings for women?

HUALLEN is a legging manufacture that accept all kinds of style and design of legging production, the purpose of this paper is to help potential customers have better understanding for the production process.Rough legging production can be divided into the following steps:
1.Design sketches, such as custom LOGO or leggings printed;
2.We accept the draft design, to measure and design according to the actual proportion by designer;
3.After finishing cutting, sewing parts of the leggings with Fourneedle six lines workmanship, and sewing process is done.
4.After the sewing is completed, the customer gets his own design legging as their wish, the whole process takes about 25 days from start to finish.

We always adopt 88% polyester and 12% spandex, which suitable for sports leggings.Moreover,other legging style can also be customized, such as SUPPLEX and LYCRA.


Rich experience in production design, even if the enterprises that have no experience but want to build their own brands and business, are all can get help from here!

design your own leggings wholesale

HUALLEN can develop and provide customized patterns, logos and colors.Business mode:

1.ODM: Original Design Manufacturer,Means you like our products,we can do it with your own brand.Design your own leggings wholesale!

2.OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer,Means the clients offer design and developments,HUALLEN is responsible for processing the products..

Design your own leggings wholesale
mesh leggings wholesale

Mesh leggings insert design.Fabric Recomand: 88%polyester 12% spandex.Plain color design+Mesh insert(Capri or long length).Sublimation print and mesh insert leggings design. The shape of the mesh and the print patern can as your request.

You are the next one to be the superb brand, wholesaler! We look forward to working with you to be the next story!

Conct us for Mesh leggings
Plain leggings wholesale with custom design view

For unique,comfortable and suited to your body type leggings wholesale just have a look at HUALLEN Industrial.

Plain leggings wholesale with custom design. 88% polyester + 12% spandex plain color design with custom logo slogan,performance for Sofe/Breathable/Dry-fit/Elastic.Suitable: Running,joggings,leisure,fashion workout yoga,and so on.

Plain leggings wholesale

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